$100 Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover on a Budget

Our home office space used to be our son’s bedroom many moons ago, then it was a sort of office junk catcher, that we never used and just closed the door and ignored.  The last eight months it was a bedroom for two of our grand littles.

The grand littles moved out and we are taking back our home office, with some big changes!

On a budget…

Of $100..

Or less…

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I am joining a talented group of my blogging bffs for another Inspired Makers Monthly Challenge.  Makeover a room for $100 or less.  Can it be done?  We have proven in the past that it can.  Check out my $100 Master Bathroom Makeover if you don’t believe me.


We are ready to inspire you with our makeovers, so grab your favorite beverage and please be sure to visit all the other Inspired Makers to see if they stuck to the budget!

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Home office makeover on a budget

Our home office needed to be a space that was functional for my hubby and me, that wouldn’t encourage hoarding (I may have a slight problem with decor and craft supplies), and that blended both of our design styles.  You can learn all about how to decorate as a couple in this post.

He is very traditional and I am all over the place very eclectic, I like elements of lots of different design styles.

And color.  Did I mention I love color?!  He is a bit resistant to color, but he is starting to come around (giving me my way is more like it, HA!)


Home office makeover on a budget

This is the space I had to work with (hoarding at it’s finest).  Every shelf was full of stuff.  The color on the walls (Crocodile Tears from Valspar) was and still is a favorite paint color of mine, but I am going for a more unified paint color throughout the house so it had to go.  And I am also slowly (very slowly) painting all the trim white.

Home office makeover on a budget

Side note: this picture is pre-grand littles.   That little desk, while perfect for me (when not covered in crap), was in no way going to work for my hubby.  It all had to go and I started with a clean slate.

Bringing Color Into Our Home Office Makeover

Home office makeover on a budget

My first big project was painting the backs of those built ins.  I think the colors make a wonderful cheery accent in the room.  Not to feminine and not too masculine.  Where did all the stuff go, you ask?  We had a garage sale and I unloaded quite a bit, I threw away a lot of unnecessary junk, and I relocated a lot of it to other areas of the house (some things you just can’t let go of).

Home office makeover on a budget

Next up was painting trim…ugh.  Worst.Job.Ever.  But boy does it look so much better and we replaced the door with a new one to get rid of the cat door we had cut in it.

Which then spurred an all out door painting marathon of every door in the house.  No more brown doors….victory!!  I only painted two doors for this room so none of the rest of them count for my budget, haha!

Once the walls were painted Notre Dame Grey, another great color from Valspar (no I am not an affiliate, I just really love their paint), I was ready to start moving back in.

Furnishing a room on a $100 budget

How do you furnish a room on a $100 budget?  Well, you shop your own home first!  And find items that you can source for free!

Home office makeover on a budget

This great little chair has been living in our bedroom in a corner where it never gets used and that old milking stool makes a great little foot rest when sitting there.  The metal side table, throw, and pillow are all from the family room.  The white shag rug was already in here, so it stayed as a touch of feminine glam.

Home office makeover on a budget

My hubby got this great old wooden filing cabinet from a friend for FREE and he has had that lamp for years.  I think it looks great in this room and it is wonderful not to have an old metal filing cabinet anymore.

Home office makeover on a budget

These floating shelves were the ones already in here, I just hung them in a different spot.  All by myself.  Level, drywall anchors, drill and all.  Proud decorator moment 😉 Oh yeah…and I moved the vase of sunflowers.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  That big ginormous desk.  The same friend that gave us the filing cabinet also gave my husband the desk.  He had it at his previous job and when he left he brought it with him.  It took four men to move it into the house.

Home office makeover on a budget

Design rules say to allow 36 inches for walk space around a piece of furniture.  Well, we are breaking the rules with this one.  There is about 12 inches on the side by the window and about 24 inches between the desk and the closet.  We are floating this big boy away from the wall so bonus points for that!

Home office makeover on a budget

Although this desk is huge, it functions well in the space for us.  My hubby can spread out and work on his stuff for the fire department and I have plenty of room to work on projects for my design clients or even get my sewing machine out.  Moral of the story…don’t be afraid to go big in a small space.

Home office makeover on a budget

To hide away some of the clutter in this home office makeover I bought six organizing cubes.  Those things are the best invention EVER!

So how did I do with the budget of $100?  Well let’s break it down.

One interior door……..$38.94 minus a 10% military discount     $35.05

2 quarts of paint                                                                               $31.56

6 organizing cubes                                                                           $29.94

Trim and wall paint…..left over from a previous project                FREE

furniture and decor….sourced from our home and friend             FREE

Grand total                                                                                          $96.55

So you see, a room makeover doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  A little bit of paint to pretty it up, use what you already have, and it is a totally different space.

Are you ready to tackle your own $100 room makeover?  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Need help with a room makeover?  Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?  Check out my DESIGN SERVICES, message me and let’s get started!

Not sure what your design style is?  Take my quiz and find out!  DESIGN STYLE QUIZ

Welcome to the September Inspired Maker’s Challenge…Makeover a room for $100 or less.

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  1. Susanne…you are my hero! All of that stuff…gone!!! Just wow! And the color is phenomenal. So nice to see someone decorating with cherry/mahogany…it really is timeless. You space looks stress free now!

    1. It was hard to give some of the stuff up…but it had to be done. My husband says to tell you thank you for the compliment on the cherry/mahogany furniture, those were his contributions to the space 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the way you incorporated both your styles into the same space. Your chair and little footstool are my favorites.

    Great job girl. Don’t you love the military discount on paint?

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you!! I love that chair and little foot stool too. Military discounts are the best, and now I can go use it even if he isn’t with me! Look out Lowe’s 😉

  3. This office makeover turned out great and I love how you were sure to blend your style and your husband’s style.

  4. That desk gives me all the heart eyes! It’s so huge, I love it! Kudos for moving the shelves too… i did that once here and was so proud of myself for not putting a trillion holes in the walls. The color is lovely, and the chair and footstools are perfect!!

  5. Oh my GOODNESS, Sue!!!!! This bathroom is aMAZing!!! What a huge change!!!! Rock on – and you know I’m digging that light…

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