11 Amazing Bookcases I am Crushing on Right Now

How Do I Love Bookcases?  Let Me Count the Ways!

When we built our room addition, I wanted built ins, but my hubby didn’t.  Uh-oh, how did that work out?  Well, I ended up with my built ins by compromising and getting open back bookcases.  They didn’t make the room feel darker by soaking up all the light, you can still see all the hard work I did painting the walls my favorite gray paint color, and they create an amazing focal point in our room.

Bookcases are an easy way to add storage, create a focal point, and add architectural interest to your space.  The best thing is, they aren’t just for books anymore!!  They aren’t just shelves enclosed on three sides anymore!!  I had to share the ones I am currently crushing on and would probably buy, if I had anywhere to put them.  Head over and find out how to style a bookcase in this POST.

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Open back bookcases



First up (and my favorite..shhh, don’t let the others know) this hunk of beauty from Anthropologie.  I showed it to my hubby and I think he could build one just like it!


Open back bookcases

Anthropologie Kakudo Bookshelf


This little cutie has simple lines and would add character to any space you put her in.

Open back bookcases

  August Grove Clarissa 76″ Leaning Bookcase


This industrial style bookcase is on wheels so you could roll him around anywhere you want him.

Open back bookcases

Anthropologie Decker Five-Shelf Bookshelf


Leaning bookcases are very trendy right now.  The offer great spaces to display all your decor.

Open back bookcases

 Ultimate Accents 72″ Leaning Bookcase


I am totally loving this mid-century modern bookcase that even has a drawer for extra storage.

Open back bookcases

Langley Street Easmor 70″ Etagere Bookcase


This great bookcase with the double drawers is like the ones I have only mine are lighter colored wood and I changed out the drawer pulls for some great vintage ones I had picked up at Habitat for Humanity (I knew I would use them for something!).

Open back bookcases

Monarch Specialties Inc. 69″ Leaning Bookcase


Here is the same style in white, what a clean, crisp look it has!

Open back bookcases

Mercury Row Antoninus 69″ Leaning Bookcase


This bookcase with it’s metal frame adds a touch of industrial style, but could also pass for modern, traditional or farmhouse when decorated with the right decor.

Open back bookcases

Mercury Row Theodulus 62″ Etagere Bookcase


This asymmetrical bookcase might have some people thinking no way…but I think it is totally rad and with the white finish it will lighten up your space.

Open back bookcases

Anthropologie Musetta Asymmetrical Bookcase


SaveSaveOpen back bookcases

Cubed bookcases are nothing new, but the bi level look of this one gives you two in one.  It would be great for adding storage bins to for all the things you want to keep tucked away from view and it would make a wonderful room divider!

Open back bookcases

Latitude Run Theta 61″ Cube Unit Bookcase


I saw this bookcase and my heart beat a little faster!  Minimalist and fun it’s a great piece…and check out the legs, they kind of look like the bottoms of crutches.

Open back bookcases

District Eight Kalmar Bookshelf


Aren’t these bookcases just amazing?!!  Totally worth crushing over!!  Which one is your favorite?  You can tell me in the comments below, I promise not to let the other ones know 😉


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Until next time,

Amazing bookcases


Amazing bookcases








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  1. I love bookcases too!! Thanks for sharing Suzanne. You have some great finds in here!

  2. Inever thought of a bookcase with drawers. The drawers will solve my cluttered surfaces problem. Thanks for sharing, Susanne!

    1. Hi Maureen! Aren’t they just wonderful! Ours have been great for storing stuff that I don’t want sitting out 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the very first leaning book case in this post in terms of style, but for the most storage possible I have one of those Ikea modular bookcases.

    1. Hi Claire! The modular ones are the best for storage! I think they would make great room dividers too, the storage cubes you can buy for them look great on both sides so no worries about the wrong end showing, lol! thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love that cube one! We have one like that from Ikea, although it’s kids toys and kids books it’s full of at the moment, haha!

  5. We made a similar compromise in our house- we wanted built ins in a small room, but went the simpler and less permanent route witha full room of ikea shelves with the corner units. It’s a similar look but not as labor intensive. Ikea shelves are cheap, but I like how simple they look and how easily adapted they are to different spaces.

    1. Ikea has great options for bookcases that all work together to create an entire look, I love IKEA and wish there was one closer to us!

  6. Love the first bookcase, haven’t seen one like that before. Some great ideas here!

  7. I’ve always loved the ones that lean out from the wall in a triangle shape! Very stylish bookcases here!

  8. I think the Anthropologie one has to be my favourite one too, I love the angles on it. Hopefully your hubby can put one together for you!

  9. We just went through my husband’s grandfather’s house. We have 100 year old books to display and I’ve been looking for a shelf. Loving the Langley Street Easmor 70″ Etagere Bookcase 🙂

  10. Love most of these but I think the Langley Street Easmor is my favourite. And surprisingly not that expensive either.

  11. Love these! And I love to read so this was so fun!

  12. Gah!! Why must you make life so hard lovely!! Lol I’ve been looking at book cases a lot lately as I wanted built ins in my living room too and couldn’t have them! Haha thanks for the gorgeous selection, I can’t decide which I love more! You’ve made my decision so much harder!

    1. If I didn’t already have mine, I would be feeling the same way, lol! Let me know what kind you are looking for or which are your favorites and what your budget is and I will see what I can find for you!

  13. Oh, I wish I could afford to go shopping and buy plenty of these. I’m so jealous. I just moved to my new apartment and I’m working on making it look like home, one piece at a time on a very tight budget.

  14. They are alll lovely but I think the August Grove leaning one is my favourite.

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