Expert Budget Decorating Tips

Decorating on a Budget, 16 Design Bloggers Tell You How

Decorating your home can be challenging, even more so when you have a small budget!  I asked 15 of my design/decor blogging buddies to join me to share our advice and give you our best budget decorating tips. Pull up a seat, grab your favorite beverage, and take notes! Pssst…there is not a quiz at the end, but there are more design questions answered over on their blogs, so be sure to visit each of them!

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Decorating on a budget can be hard, but these 16 expert design bloggers are sharing their best budget decorating tips.  #designtips #budgetdecorating #homedecor #



When decorating on a budget, you have to decide what is necessary and what isn’t.  The first thing I always do is shop my own home.  Swapping decor and furniture from one room to another is a great way to freshen up your space without spending any money!

Doing a little DIY can save you big in the long run, like the DIY shiplap wall my hubby and I did for our $100 master bathroom makeover (I learned to use power tools and now there is no stopping me!).

Now let’s see what my design blogger friends have to say about decorating on a budget.

Expert Design Bloggers Share Their Budget Decorating Tips

Nicole Corr – Green Isle Landscapes

Decorating on a budget, my 5 top tips for any room in your home.

1. Love your own style. Which means you will always keep what you love.

2. Know the trends for the future and buy at flea markets or antique stores.

3. Upcycle and get creative with hand crafted well made bits and pieces.

4. Change your rooms around…. change is as good as a holiday.

5. Experiment with new concepts, colors or layouts with what you have and make your soft furnishings.


16 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budgetJessica Devlin – Jessica Devlin Designs

My best tip for decorating on a budget is spend your money where it counts and then save everywhere else. Items like your couch or a really beautiful chair might run you a few extra dollars but you can get a killer coffee table from overstock.com.

Know the stores that offer great prices and great stuff. Target has one of the best home decor sections out there and it’s still super affordable. No one will know if your white vase is $300 or $5. Ikea is another fantastic source to save money on decor.

To save money renovating, we do a lot ourselves saving us money and allowing us to go with higher end finishes. Things that often will cheapen the look of the space are pillows. Make sure you chose beautiful fabrics, they don’t have to be expensive but generally the more natural the fabric feels the more expensive it looks!


Sarah Foote – The Project Pile

16 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget

I am always trying to decorate on a budget, so sometimes I have to be extra creative in order to get the look that I want for the price that I want to spend.

First off, I love treasure hunting and antiquing and even yard-saling!  Thus, I am always collecting pieces to repurpose and reuse for down the road in the future!

My favorite trick is to gather specific accent items to use in a certain room, and to then paint them all the same color. This way they end up looking like a matching set, and help to bring the whole room together.

The second trick that I like to use is to repurpose some of my own personal décor pieces that I am no longer “in-love” with. This could be as simple as painting something, to coating it in glue and moss, white-washing it, or even reupholstering furniture or throw cushions.


Kimm Boes – Reinvented

16 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget

My best tip for decorating on a budget is to keep walls, floors, and large furniture pieces neutral and add color with less expensive items like pillows, art, and accessories. I like to change things up frequently, so with a neutral base I can easily get a new look by changing out the less expensive items.

I also love to use what I have in new ways to update a room; using paint to update furniture, picture frames, candlesticks or wall art can create a whole new look for very little money. If you’re starting from scratch, shop your local thrift store for these items and paint them to suit your style.

Christy Harper – The Harper House

17 design blogger share their tips for decorating on a budget

My advice for decorating on a budget is to first find an inspiration picture on Pinterest and then use that to narrow down the items you’d like for your space so you’re not buying things that you don’t need.

Check your local Craigslist and Facebook garage sale listings for really great deals (especially case goods like dining tables, dressers, coffee tables, etc.. ) Ikea, Wayfair, and Target are great places to shop for inexpensive sofas and chairs. Then add life to your room (for free!) by clipping a few leafy branches from your yard and place them in a large vase or  galvanized bucket.


Pam List – Mommacan

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget

When decorating on a budget I embrace what I have and  practice patience in shopping for items I would like to add. Creating Pinterest and/or  physical mood boards help me  to hone in on what I want to accomplish.

After clarifying what I have on hand, the rest is what I consider the best part of the decorating budget challenge, finding things that bring the space together that create the vision I had intended while not blowing the budget.


Sam Franklin – A Happy Home In Holland

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget


Firstly, I would say get your space organised by using discount stores to buy cheap storage solutions. If your room is organised and tidy it is much easier to get a clear vision of what you want to do and it brings the attention back to your carefully chosen key décor accents. Also if you are on a budget don’t make the mistake of being a snob and overlooking the possibility of using second-hand furniture.

Thrift stores, garage sales and eBay etc. can be absolute treasure troves and with a little bit of vision (and sometimes a bit of TLC) you can find classic and real quality pieces that fit in with your budget.

My last tip for trying to save some money would be to try your hand at some simple DIY projects. Even if you consider yourself not very creative there are a wealth of DIY and craft blogs out there who have amazing ideas and step by step tutorials that make it an absolute cinch. This is what I absolutely love doing, I always choose simple but stylish projects that add a bit of interest to our simply decorated home.


Emy Flint – Semigloss Design

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget

I love buying used furniture. The quality is always better and it’s possible to get expensive pieces for cheap. Craigslist and thrift stores are my favorite source. I just went to our Restore and was so impressed with the selection and prices. Check often because new inventory comes in every day. Home Goods is another favorite. If you go in without a shopping cart, you are guaranteed to find so much stuff!



Yami Platero – The Latina Next Door

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budgetMy tip for decorating on a budget would be to check out Craigslist! I have purchased so many great pieces of furniture that would be so much more expensive if I had purchased them brand new. Make sure you look at moving sales where people need to let go of items quickly and they are more likely to accept a lower (but reasonable) offer. Sometimes, all an item needs is a good cleaning or a coat of paint!



Jennifer Gainer – Jenron Designs

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budgetMy tip for decorating on a budget is to have a set budget, stick to it and know your market. You have to shop around to find the best prices. You can find very similar items for half the price if you know where to look. Being a savvy shopper can save you thousands of dollars. Also don’t be afraid of a good DIY refreshing project, if it has good bones just add paint.



More Budget Decorating Tips

Denise Bryant – My Thrifty House

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget

My tip for decorating on a budget is to always go to the thrift store first. I can usually find something equal or comparable to what I need for a fraction of the price at the thrift store. If I can’t find exactly what I want I am not opposed to painting it or repurposing an item to fit my needs. It is very rare that I buy something brand new from a store because I like taking something old and using it in a repurposed, unique way in my home.


Tina Bousu – An Eclectic Twist

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budgetNever underestimate the treasures you might find at a flea market, garage sale or even a thrift store.  Don’t be afraid of some DIY.  DIY is a great way to completely personalize a space while saving you big $$$.  Any wood furniture can be painted so if you find something amazing in the style and lines that you like, then don’t be afraid to throw some color on it!  Other great stuff you can find are books, baskets, artwork, all types of furniture, and homemade quilts!


Susie Kuc – Tiny House Giant Life

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budgetFigure out what the real budget is, not your dream budget (like “I want it all for nothing please?!”).  Try to design within the budget as best you can.  Now, re-evaluate the budget; what can you DIY in place of purchasing item? What needs to be purchased because you can’t make or buy it cheaper? What can you do without for now?  Finally, be prepared for the outcome to be imperfect, because life is imperfect. Thats what makes it unique and beautiful.



Sam Hay – Raggedy Bits

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget


Shop your own home first. Look at what you already have. Just changing things around in each room can make a big difference. Give a piece of furniture a coat of paint to give it a completely new look.




Liz Elliot – Franc and Eli Interior Design

17 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget


Target, Walmart and world market have great low-priced decor items. And don’t forget craigslist and the Facebook marketplace! You can get TONS of great deals on there. Finally, with bigger and/or more expensive pieces, stick with neutral colors, and save bright, bold patterns, or trendy designs for accents peices only.

Fabulous budget decorating tips from expert design bloggers!  Which one is the most helpful?  I would love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Decorating!


P.S.  Have a room you want to makeover and you just don’t have the budget?  I have made over rooms in our home on a $100 budget and I am loving the results.  I want to show you how to make over a room on a $100 budget too!

Step by step guide for making over a room for JUST $100.



16 design bloggers share their tips for decorating on a budget



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