5 Laundry Room Must Haves

How it started

Back when my hubby and I bought our house, the laundry room area (I use that term lightly) was in the kitchen behind bi-fold doors.  I was over the moon excited because I was so sick of going to the laundromat.  This was a huge improvement and I was thanking my lucky stars!!

Fast forward ten years and that laundry room area had become the biggest pain in my you know what!  The only storage was two cabinets above the washer and dryer. There was no place to fold clothes, and the washer and dryer were backwards!!  The doors on the machines opened opposite of each other.  Who does that?!! It just made no sense.

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What we did about it

Two years ago we built a room addition.  It was 900 square feet and my hubby (wonderful man that he is) made sure that I had a laundry room.  A real, honest to goodness laundry room!!  My dream laundry room!!  Oh how I love that man!!

I had five requests (if I was going to be the main one using it, it should be the way I wanted it right?) for items I wanted in the space to make it function for me.  These are five things every laundry room should have and after you see them, you are going to want them too!!

My five picks that every laundry room must have

5 things every laundry room should have

The old laundry room area had nowhere to fold the constant loads of laundry I seemed to be doing.  I always ended up folding them on the dining table.  The clean clothes would sit there for days before I would get them put away.  Horribly lazy of me I know, but I really hated doing the laundry in that space!

My first request was a counter for folding clothes and storage.  We purchased the base cabinet and the pre-made counter top at Lowe’s.  It is the perfect height for folding!

5 things every laundry room has to have

In the old area the washer and dryer were backwards.  Our front loaders opened towards each other.  I had to either lift the wet clothes up over the doors or put them in a basket and then pull them around the doors to the dryer.  It was seriously about 6 inches from one to the other.  Totally ridiculous!!

My second request was that the washer and dryer doors open away from each other to make for easier transferring of wet laundry.  Such a small thing, but it sure makes life easier, lol!

5 things every laundry room has to have

Presoaking clothing with stains was a no go in the old area.  The only sink was the kitchen sink and I couldn’t just leave clothes in it!  Then there was also the issue of giving our dogs a bath.  No, I didn’t do that in the kitchen sink, I pinky swear!  Instead I would get down on my knees and lean over the bathtub to bathe our fur babies.  Oh my aching back and ewwww the dog hair!!!

The third request on my list was a utility sink.  I really wanted to repurpose an old washtub for the sink, but that idea got vetoed by my wonderful hubby.  Since I was getting everything else I asked for, I decided not to push my luck and we ended up with this sink instead.  It is nice and deep and the faucet pulls out for easy spraying.  The doors are soft close so they don’t bang shut and the pugs fit in it nicely.  All in all, an acceptable compromise.

5 things every laundry room has to have

I am not big into ironing.  Is anyone in this day and age?  My distaste for ironing was made worse by the fact that I had an ironing board that made this horrid screeching noise whenever I set it up or took it down.  I had to iron in the middle of the kitchen, so I had to make sure to put the noisy thing away as soon as I was done.  I also had to leave the iron out until it cooled off, so it would sit on top of the dryer for days.

Fourth on my list of requests was a built in ironing board.  This little beauty is recessed into the wall  between the studs so that I can close it up when it isn’t in use.  NO SCREECHING as it comes down or goes up and it has a place for the iron to sit, whether it is hot or not.  I don’t use it every day (confession, I have only used it 8 times in a year and a half) but it is great to have it for when I need it!

5 things every laundry room has to have

5 things every laundry room has to have

Putting clothes on hangers actually happened, but they would have to lay over the dining bench.  They would slide off on the floor or the hangers would get away from me and end up under the table.  Is it no wonder I hated doing laundry?!!

The fifth and final item on my lists of requests was a hanging rod to get the clothes up out of my way once they were on hangers.  We purchased the brackets and rod at Lowes.  I wanted it attached to the wall and the cabinet, but that upper cabinet isn’t deep enough for a hanger to not hit the wall.

5 things every laundry room has to have

Life is good

After years of hating doing laundry and having clothes piled on the dining room table, I finally have a real honest to goodness laundry room!  Laundry gets put away (most of the time) and if it doesn’t well, I just close the door.  Life is good!

What must have features do you want or have already in your laundry room?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear all about it!

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Until next time,

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  1. Love these and my inlaws always have a wine fridge. 🙂 . Lol I should have taken a photos this weekend.

  2. I love this post. I was just looking at my laundry room at our lake home and wondering what should I do to it without a lot of money. I didn’t design it and we will be selling or at least putting it on the market within a year so I don’t want to invest much. The ironing board I love!!!!! Got to have that. No room for a sink in this one, if there is no plumbing :(. But love your ideas

    1. The ironing board is by far my favorite thing! That and the washer and dryer doors opening the right way, lol!

  3. I love the idea of the ironing board in the cupboard – it would be such a good way of storing it as mine is always in the way !! I must re-organise my laundry room

    1. The ironing board is awesome!! It comes as one unit with the cupboard and fits right into the wall 🙂

  4. Love your suggestions!! Great minds must think alike- I have rods for hanging and an ironing board like yours. Unfortunately I don’t have asink but we put a sink like yours in one of our flip houses. (Not that my giant poodles would fit in a sink like that anyway)!!!

    1. Oh my, you would need a dog shower for giant poodles!! Isn’t the ironing board the best thing ever?!! Do you use yours more than I use mine?

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a kind comment!!

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