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5 Macrame Keychains You Can Make In 15 Minutes

If you’re looking for an easy macrame project, these keychains fit the bill. They are cute, trendy and these are 5 macrame keychains you can make in 15 minutes.

5 macrame keychains made with easy macrame knots

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If you’re new here, I have to tell you how much I. LOVE. MACRAME.

I spent countless hours trying to be crafty, burning my fingers on the hot glue gun, and cutting my hand trying to cut through felt fabric. I had thrown in the towel when it came to crafting. Being a crafter was just not my thing,

Until one day while scrolling through Instagram, I happened on a macrame account. OH MY!! I immediately ordered some string and dowel rods and the rest is history.

Now our house is filled with macrame wall hangings and plant hangers and I am determined to share my love of macrame with everyone.

Although wall hangings can get super complicated and intricate, these macrame keychains you can make in 15 minutes aren’t. I even have the patterns in the FREE resource library and I’ll tell you how to get them at the end of this post.

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Materials needed to make these macrame keychains

Macrame keychains you can make in 15 minutes or less

macrame keychain made using berry knots clipped to a purse

Berry Knot Keychain

I attached the strings to the keychain ring with larks head knots, used square knots to make the berry knots and finished it off with a gathering knot and fringe.

Berry knots are so fun, they look great on plant hangers too!

Macrame keychain made with spiral knots clipped to a purse

Spiral Knot Keychain

I love how the spiral knots turn to create the spiral of this keychain. I added a bead to the end and combed out the fringe.

***PRO TIP*** Use a bobby pin to thread your string through the bead. It will save you a ton of time and headache.

macrame keychain made with square knots and green beads

Square Knot Keychain with beads

Green is such a trendy color right now, why not add it to a macrame keychain? Each green bead is framed and held in place with square knots and of course…there’s fringe.

macrame keychain made with vertical crown knots and natural wood beads

Vertical Crown Knot Keychain with Beads

After watching several videos on how to make crown knots, I settled on this one and learned how to make vertical crown knots. Vertical crown knots combined with 2 different shaped beads really make a statement on this keychain.

macrame keychain made with vertical crown knots, beads, and yellow leather banding

Vertical Crown Knot Keychain with Leather and Beads

I was really digging the look of those vertical crown knots, so I made another one with double the string, more beads, and leather gathering knots. I didn’t comb out the fringe on this one to give it a more modern look.

When you are looking for an easy, quick macrame project, these 5 macrame keychains fit the bill. They are great to give as gifts and look great as purse charms too.

I would love to see your keychains when you make them, tag me on Instagram or Facebook to share them with me!

5 macrame keychains made with easy macrame knots hooked to a wire basket

Happy Macrameing!

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