5 Reasons to Make Your Bed Each Morning

Making your bed each morning might seem like a waste of time, I know it did to me, but let me tell you a little story as to why I changed my mind.  You will love this, at least I hope you think it’s as funny as my hubby and I did….in all truth, we probably laughed way too hard and way too long, but we were tired.

making your bed

This is how the bed usually looks.  Why bother to make it, we are just going to get in it and mess it up again, right?   I am guessing you can relate to that.

I am the type of person that has to have the sheet and bedspread all spread out when I get in bed, it can’t look like this!!  Even though it will get messed up, it has to start out neat (I know, my hubby thinks I am nuts too).  Each night before we go to bed, while he is getting his clothes out for the next morning, I shake out the covers so that they don’t look like this, unless he beats me getting into bed (this creates a bit of a panic attack, lol).

Sunday night he beat me to bed.  I walked into the bedroom, around to my side of the bed and he is laying there with his 3rd pillow all tucked up under his arm.  He looks at me and I see his shoulders start to shake, his eyes get a twinkle, and then he is laughing!!!  HE KNOWS!!!  The blanket and sheet are all over the place and there is NO WAY I can get into bed like that (omg, I am laughing again just thinking about it, hahaha!!).  He is such a goober, but he’s mine, for better or worse.

I get up the next morning (and yes I did manage to straighten out the covers so that I could sleep in the bed) and I decide that from here on I am going to make the bed every morning.  If you aren’t the type that needs the bed to be neat to go to sleep in it, I have some other reasons that may help you decide to make your bed every day

5 Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Day


  1. Making your bed inspires you to clean up the rest of the bedroom, put shoes away, pick up dirty clothes, vacuum…you get the idea 😉  Who knows, once you do all that to the bedroom you might be inspired to keep on moving into another room!
  2. Your attitude will be much improved when you have accomplished something so early in the day.
  3. You can display those pretty throw pillows that sit all forlorn in the corner except on holidays or when company is coming.  I was beginning to think I should just move them to the family room, but now I remember why I like them in here! made bed made bed1 made bed3
  4. You will most likely find your cat if you make your bed.  Recently we have started sleeping with the bedroom door open because it just gets way too hot and hot flashes are no joke, so Thomas is getting quite spoiled…the jury is still out on how I feel about the orange cat hair on my quilt.  Have I told you that Thomas is 18?!!!!  The hubby had Thomas and his sister Zoey when we got together.  We lost Zoey to feline leukemia some years back, so Thomas proceeded to take up with the dogs, so much so that now he thinks he is a dog.  Crazy cat!made bed4See our curtains there in the background?  I used some leftover jute from this POST to make tie backs, aren’t they super cute?!
  5. The last reason is so that you can go to bed in a nice, comfy, freshly made bed.  No stressing over the blankets being messed up, but of course you miss out on the hilarity of trying to make it neat enough to sleep in while your spouse laughs at you.  I have made our bed now 3 days in a row!!  I am sure I will slip back in to my old ways at some point and when I do my hubby will be there to laugh with me.


Until next time

~Susanne, The City Girl

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  1. I have a similar Mr and Mrs pillow on my bed too. And my cat prefers to sleep on my bed during when it’s made. If not, she usually sleeps somewhere else. Haha.

    1. Thomas and Zoey used to “help” me make the bed years ago…..now Thomas just gets out of the way then comes back again when I am done, lol!

  2. I very seldom go a day without making up my bed. When I walk into my bedroom (upstairs) and realize I forgot, I will still make it up no matter what time of the day it is.


  3. We make ours each morning and I am trying to have my girls do the same and for it to be a habit. A little order to start and end the day is helpful. Hang I. There.

  4. I make up my bed every morning as well. Even when we stay in hotels, I am a creature of habit. I am hoping it rubs off on my tween. So far he is a bit stubborn, well, about everything. haha


    1. I think boys do things in stages, my son would make his bed then for a couple of years he didn’t and now that he is a grown man he is neat as a pin 🙂

  5. I used to not have time when I worked outside the home…especially since my husband was often still in the bed. :). But now, I do it even if I think I may take a nap later. It is as important to me as putting on a nice outfit for the day. My mind relaxes and I seem to be more productive just because I made my bed!

  6. Your post is hilarious!! I can relate completely! The bed is never made, yet I have to straighten it out every night so I can sleep!! Keep up with the making the bed! You can do it! (I can’t because I get up first, and that’s not a way to weasel out of it at all), hahahaha

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