Repurposed Apothecary Jars

Fall is finally upon us here in Indiana and all of my beautiful summer flowers are done blooming for the year (insert sad face).  I  repurposed these great apothecary jars this spring to hold my artificial flowers and now I am using them for fall decor.  When I buy artificial flowers, I make sure I can get the most for my money and you can read all about how I do it in this POST.

My biggest complaint about artificial flowers is that fact that there is no water in the containers I put them in and that is a HUGE tip off that they aren’t real. This is what they look like, not good!

Repurposed Apothecary Jars


So I decided to use jute to decorate these apothecary jars and thus hide the bottoms of the flowers and that fact that there is no water in the jars.

Repurpose old apothecary jars using jute


I used 3lb jute and and my hot glue gun to add a decorative touch to these amazing jars.  They are the real deal, not reproductions.  My hubby rescued them from a hospital that was abandoned when a new one was built.  I used the thickest jute I could find so it wouldn’t take as many rounds around the jars (lazy I know, but what can I say…).  I started at the bottom with the jar laying down to make sure I got the jute lined up straight and was as close to the bottom as possible.

Repurposed Apothecary Jars

Repurposed Apothecary Jars



After a few rows I sat the bottle up and continued to wind and wind and wind the jute around the bottle, making sure to keep the rows right up against each other so that the glass wouldn’t show through.

Repurposed Apothecary Jars


Ta-Da!! I used the same size jute for all 3 jars, but looking at them now I think I should have stepped down the size of jute used on each bottle.  Oh well…hindsight is 20/20, or so they say, lol!  I used 1 1/2 rolls of jute.  Each roll was 50 feet.  Isn’t that crazy? 3 jars and 75 feet of jute…whew!  That is a lot of jute.  I think the turned out pretty good (pat on the back for me 🙂 )  They were great with the faux lavender in them for spring and summer, but I must say I love them even more with the faux fall foliage.

Repurposed Apothecary Jars

Repurposed Apothecary Jars

Repurposed Apothecary Jars

These great fall branches made their debut in our home for a FESTIVE FALL HOME TOUR  (take some time and head on over and check it out) that I took part in with some of my blogger friends.

What do you think of this project?  What jute projects have you done or are you thinking about doing?

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  1. I really like the style of these jars. They have a sort of rustic, eclectic vibe. I can’t believe you (or your husband) were able to find such nice jars and in different sizes from an old hospital. I only wish I was that creative.

  2. I think the jars look fantastic! That’s certainly a lot of jute, LOL. I’m always amazed at people’s creativity! Great job!

  3. They look really nice that way, and yeah that’s a lot of jute.

  4. Suzanne, great idea to cover bottom of your beautiful jars!!! Love how they turned out, very thoughtful!

  5. Your jars turned out great! I love using jute for fun projects like this, for me there’s never enough jute. Your flowers look real and lovely.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

    1. Thank you Amy! Candle holders would be great!! I took some of the extra and used it for tie backs for the curtains in our bedroom. And I have another project that I may use it for handles 🙂

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