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How to Decorate with Modern Boho Style

Bell bottom jeans, beaded purses, macrame, VW Beetle Vans all tricked out with peace signs and loads and loads of color.  Free spirited.  Artistic.  Creative.  Expressive.  Gypsy.  They called it hippie.  Boho style was all the rage and when it finally went by the way side everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.  After all, it didn’t follow any of the rules, it was bold and loud and free spirited.  Let’s talk about Modern Boho Style, what it is and why it is so much better than the original!

modern boho style living room with chair and plants in baskets

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Today’s Boho Style

In contemporary society (meaning today’s world) boho style can go a couple of different directions.  It can be filled with saturated color and bold pattern or it can be neutral, monochromatic,  and organic.  Whichever way it plays out, this design style has a curated, collected look.  It has that homey casual lived in look that so many people want to achieve in the living spaces.

modern sofa with modern boho style poufs and pillows with tassels
Image credit: Justina,
nuetral colored bedroom with plants and macrame wall hanging
Image source unknown

Elements Of Today’s Boho Style

In order to achieve the look of boho style, you have to channel you inner free spirit.  Let down your hair, take off your shoes, wiggle your toes in that soft shag rug and sit back in your pile of comfy textured pillows.


If you love bold saturated color, use jewel tones in your boho decor.  Reds, purples, teals, and yellows.  Don’t be afraid to mix them together…free spirited, remember?

saturated, bold color in this boho style living room
Image credit: The Jungalow

Sticking to a neutral color palette with boho style is as easy as choosing colors with slightly different hues from the same color family.  Layering bright whites, creamy whites into the beige family will add balance and contrast, depth and interest to your space.

Neutral boho style incorporates lots of texture and tone on tone color.
Image credit: Paulina Arcklin


Furniture for boho design can be as ornate or as simple as you want it to be.  It all comes down to personal preference and you should only have in your home what you love.  Above all, it should be comfortable and inviting.

Boho style furniture is comfortable and can be as ornate or minimalist as you want.
Image credit: The Jungalow

The clean modern lines of mid century modern furniture give a boho vibe to neutral boho style, especially when styled with mismatched chairs and texture through textiles and organic elements.

Mid century modern table and chairs layered with texture and organic elements for neutral boho style
Image credit: Pinterest

Using Pattern and Texture for Modern Boho Style

Layering pattern and texture is essential for any design style, but layering pattern and texture for boho style is what gives it it’s free spirited and collected feel.

Mixing patterns is expected with boho style, any pattern any way can be mixed together to create this artistic, expressive design style.

Color and pattern mixed together and layered create the collected look of boho style
Image credit: Pearl Street Designs
Layering pattern and texture for boho style creates a curated feel that is key to this design style.
Image credit: Homegoods

Rough unfinished wood, nubby textiles, and faux fur add texture to your boho style space.

Adding lots of texture to boho style gives it interest and depth.
Image credit: Pinterest (original source unknown)

Fringe, Tassels, and Macrame

Oh YASSSSS!  If you love the 70’s look of fringe and tassels and it speaks to your free spirited heart then this is for you.  Macrame isn’t just for hanging plants anymore either.  I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I saw my first macrame wall hanging in decades (shush, I was pre teen in the 70’s)

Macrame is making a comeback and it is fresh and on trend.
Photo Credit: One Kings Lane
Cutie tassels hanging bring instant boho style to any space.
Image credit: Incrediblethrifdecor blog

Fringe for everything!  Pillows, throws, and even sofas  (I’ll take two please)

Adding fringe to anything gives it instant boho style, free spirited and breaking the rules
Image credit: PetalandPly

Plants and Organic Elements in Modern Boho Style

Boho style can be associated with a natural way of living type of lifestyle.  Clean eating, environmentally conscience choices.  Adding plants into your modern boho style space will help keep the air cleaner and plants always seem to brighten a space right up.  If you don’t have a green thumb the opt for faux greenery.

Plants and organic elements are key to accessorizing your boho style
Image credit: The Jungalow

Today’s boho style is free spirited, filled with color and texture and lots of organic elements.  It breaks the rules like it’s predecessor in the 70’s and allows creativity to flow.

You can go full tilt with color or tone it down with a neutral monochromatic color scheme.  Mix and match your furniture pieces and throw in plenty of texture to achieve the curated and collected look of modern boho style.

What do you think of modern boho style?  Yay or Nay?  Bold or neutral?  I would love to hear all about in the comments below!

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  1. I like Boho style in that I like all styles. Anything that is well done is ok with me. But I’d have to say that my personal style doesn’t include much of the Boho look. Maybe some touches here and there, but nothing full throttle. But I do love the new additions to Boho. Some rooms have very clean lines and minimal furnishings. Some are even symmetrical or display elements in twos. These traditional elements make this traditional girl grin from ear-to-ear …and think to myself…..”Yea….I’m diggin’ it.” LOL… Great post, Suz. ~~
    Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. You know me, I love color. But that being said, I lean more to liking the look of the neutral boho style. The uncluttered look and clean lines speak to organizing soul. And all the texture…oohhh la la! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  2. Karen Hoskins says:

    Loved your post. Now to get the nerve to pull it off. Some people are just naturals at it.

    1. Thank you Karen! You can do it!! Start with what you already have then add to it over time! I would love for you to share pictures with me!!

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