$3 Brandless Kitchen Utensils You Must Buy

You’ve been working hard to get your kitchen organized and the last area on your list is your utensil drawer.  You open it and stare at it in frustration.  There are 4 different spatulas, a couple of ice cream scoops, a potato peeler, and what seems like a million different cooking spoons that don’t match.  They don’t even sit together so that you can close the drawer.  You just want a nice set that will hold up well for cooking, be easy to clean, and easy to store away.  Well today is your lucky day!  I found them for you and you are going to love these Brandless kitchen utensils.

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What is Brandless you ask?  Brandless is an online retailer and everything on their site is just $3.  What?!  Yes, you read that right.  Brand name products can be expensive, you are paying for the name in most cases, but with Brandless their products are…brandless.  This cuts the cost and brings great quality at an affordable price.

I don’t often do product reviews, but I was so impressed with the Brandless kitchen utensils I just had to share. This is not a sponsored and I am not being compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own based on my own experience.

Brandless offers all sorts of products, from treeless toilet paper (I had no idea that was possible) to fluoride free toothpaste.  Non GMO snack foods to sunflower cooking oil (a 17oz bottle was just $3!). Sunflower oil is what I use to make my quick and easy Beef Stir Fry.

Silicone Brandless Kitchen Utensils

Silicone Brandless kitchen utensils are a great value for the price of just $3

Silicone Brandless kitchen utensils are a great value for the price of just $3

As you can see I purchased a slotted silicone spoon, a silicone turner, a silicone serving spoon, and a silicone pasta fork.  The silicone is heat resistant so they are perfect for cooking.  The handles are made of acacia wood, strong and water resistant.

Wooden Brandless Kitchen Utensils

Wooden Brandless kitchen utensils are a great value for the price of just $3

Wooden Brandless kitchen utensils are a great value for the price of just $3

I love the copper colored stainless detail on the handle, so much so that I ordered 2 serving spoons, 1 slotted spoon, and a turner.  Like the silicone Brandless kitchen utensils these are made from acacia wood, water and heat resistant.

In my order I also received the sunflower oil, shower and tile cleaner, and a bag of chocolate chip cookie thins.  There were a lot of heavy items in my box and the cookie thins ended up at the bottom.  You can imagine how that turned out.

They were crushed into crumbs (super bummed about that), but I emailed their customer service and they responded within 24 hours.   Donald gave me a credit on my account to use on my next purchase.  He also said in his email that they were addressing the packing issue with the packaging company to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  Well, that’s really all I could ask for.

As if their products alone wouldn’t impress you, they also offer a referral program.  Yes indeed.  When you refer a friend to Brandless and they make a purchase you get a credit towards your next purchase.

It gets even better.  Brandless donates a meal for every purchase to help feed America, I love a company that reaches out and helps others.

Interested in ordering from Brandless?  I am giving a $6 credit to new customers that purchase through my Referral Link.  Head on over and pick up some Brandless goodness, then refer your friends…share the love.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I will receive a credit too when you place an order from my link.

Happy Shopping!


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