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Week 5 of the spring One Room Challenge is in the books and it is a week of my life I will never get back.    This post is the last update until next week’s reveal and time is running out.  I am still confident that my  guest bathroom project will be finished in time, but I will have to break my cardinal rule of only working on it during the weekend and put in some late nights in that tiny little room. (Or maybe some early mornings)

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ORC week five is in the books and my projects in this guest bathroom were all a learning experience, but where there's a will there's a way.

Welcome back to week 5 of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda from Calling it Home and media partners HouseBeautiful and Andy and Candis from Old Home Love.

Spring 2018 ORC featuring our guest bathroom. A six week makeover to update the space.

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This week’s update has no pictures because I am keeping it all under wraps until the reveal next week, but I will remind you of my mood board and give you a glimpse of some things that have changed

First mood board.  The light was out of stock, the mirror was way out of budget, and the wallpaper wasn’t moisture resistant.

Guest bathroom plan. Navy blue, brass and marble with a bold color choice of wallpaper.

Revised mood board.  I am very happy with my second choices…this bathroom is going to have an eclectic vintage boho vibe.  I will be bringing in some wood elements (from my stash) to round out the decor.

ORC week five is in the books and my projects in this guest bathroom were all a learning experience, but where there's a will there's a way.



Renovations are not all fun and games and they aren’t completed in a sixty minute time block like on television.  So let’s talk about how this week really went…

What went wrong with the guest bathroom project

I do believe I wasted an entire roll of wallpaper…UGH!  Luckily I had ordered another roll “just in case” and it arrived Monday.

When we took off the old vanity top, it ripped holes in the drywall.  I was afraid that would happen and at least I still had drywall left from the patch I had to do when I took down the medicine cabinet.  I am now an expert at patching drywall…yes, I am rolling my eyes.

What went right with the guest bathroom project

I found the vanity top I wanted and got it installed.  Almost entirely by myself.  My hubby had to do some finagling with the drain trap, but it worked and I can’t stop touching the smooth marble!

I even put in the faucet and pop up drain plug myself…adding that to my resume too.  Sorry, no pictures, of the new top, you will have to wait for the reveal next week.

With the help of one of my fellow guest participants (she talked me down off the ledge) I made a decision on the shower curtain and it will be here Friday.  Woot woot!!  Thanks Susie!!

Recap of the guest bathroom project so far

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  My hubby (I love him dearly) hates when my projects become his projects, so I was on my own for this renovation.  I did our living room for the Fall One Room Challenge all by myself so I was certain I could manage this little guest bathroom too.  After all, who can’t read directions?

I have learned how to lay and grout tile, patch drywall, install a vanity top with faucet and drain, and install a new light fixture.  I am not just the designer, I am the whole darn construction crew too.  Never let anyone tell you can’t do something, I am proof that all it takes is determination and self confidence (and the ability to read directions 😉 )


Need I say more?

update on the to do list

  • repair ceiling
  • paint vanity and add new hardware
  • replace vanity top
  • install new light fixture and mirror
  • tile floor
  • apply new caulk to the tub surround
  • put up wallpaper…It is almost all done, I pinky promise.  #itsgoingtobethedeathofme
  • add a towel bar
  • replace baseboard and door trim
  • install new shower curtain rod and shower curtain
  • refurbish an old mirror from my stash for above the vanity

Next week is the reveal and I am excited to get this guest bathroom finished, so stay tuned!  I will also share all my decor sources in case you want to take on this project in your own bathroom.

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  1. Love your mood board right and wrong. This is where I’m livin so I totally feel your pain. LOL… But your revised vision is coming together beautifully. Put on a pot of coffee and unleash that girl power. You’re almost at the finish line. XOXO ~~Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Girl power for sure and you will rock it at the reveal, Susanne! I’m totally with you about being designer and the person who does the whole operation practically. Aside from having plumber install new toilet and a couple of little things, I’ve done everything by myself. I’ve gotten quite decent at spackling, painting walls, and assembling furniture through these challenges. LOL! Good luck and can’t wait to see reveal next week!

    1. We have a whole new skill set after all of this Tee!! See you next week for the reveal!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished spaces!

  3. Oh no that is awful about the wall paper, but at least you had a back up plan in place. I know it will look fanatic and I can not wait to see it next week!

    1. I can’t wait to be finished Jennifer!! We are almost there….looking forward to reveal week for all of us!!

  4. Girl Power, that made me smile because I used to say it to my daughter all the time. You are an inspiration doing all those tasks by yourself, and look how far you’ve come. I bet your hubby is so proud of you. Watch out, he’ll make you the journeyman on all the projects 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the entire room put together, it’s going to be fabulous!

  5. NICE!!! Way to work through the set backs and power through. You’ve got this girl!

  6. Hooray for girl power! Love your new revised plan as well. Can’t wait to see that wallpaper. It’s going to look fabulous.

  7. I love watching the list the marked off! So exciting!

  8. Oh my goodness I’ve been there! Wallpaper can be so finicky and I’ve definitely wasted my fair share…and kudos on doing it all by yourself!! (Minus some hubby help) I try and do the same thing but ultimately I have to call mine in for something as I just don’t have the expertise or strength to get that part done myself – can’t wait until this week’s reveal!!!!

  9. I can’t wait to see the final reveal! I absolutely love your mood board!

  10. Your revised mood board looks awesome – I can’t wait to see your reveal and that vanity top 😉

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