Colorful Table Top Christmas Tree

Learn how to make your own colorful table top Christmas tree using ribbon and a flat iron! This tree makes a great addition to your dining table or anywhere in your home.

Table top Christmas tree with pink, green and buffalo checked ribbon text overlay How To Make A Colorful Tabletop Christmas Tree

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Pinterest and blog land is just full of Christmas inspiration, diy projects, and Christmas decor.  Guess who still has pumpkins on her mantle?  

I just can’t bring myself to pop the box on the Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving…call me crazy!

But…I didn’t think a Christmas decor project could hurt anything.

As I was walking through our local Meijer Supercenter, checking out the seasonal section, because of course Christmas decorations were already out and they had a ton of small table top trees sitting on the shelves.

I may or may not have purchased a couple…BUT, what’s important here is that inspiration struck and I decided to make my own.

I wanted a table top Christmas tree that was colorful, not done in traditional colors. So I headed to Hobby Lobby and got my supplies.

It was super easy to make, minus the glue gun burns to my finger tips (note to self, wear a glove next time) and I am going to share the easy tutorial with you.

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cardboard Christmas tree form and pink, green, and buffalo checked ribbon laying on wood table

Supplies needed

How to Make a Colorful Table Top Christmas Tree

Step 1. Cut ribbon to lengths of 5 1/2 inches

Make sure you buy enough ribbon. I didn’t and had to go back to the store for more. 5 yards on the spool is not 15 feet.

ribbon cut into strips and a pair of yellow handled scissors

Step 2. Fold in half and secure with a dot of glue.

finger holding folded ribbon together as hot glue dries

After securing your ribbon with the dot of glue, use a flat iron to iron it flat. Yes, a flat iron! It was easy to hold onto and no finger burning! Do this if you don’t want the silhouette of the tree rounded and puffy.

I tried my clothing iron first, but it was just too big and I couldn’t keep hold of the ribbon without burning my fingers, so….I thought using my flat iron was genius.

folded and glued ribbon in pink, green and black buffalo checks

Step 3. Decide on your pattern and start attaching the ribbon.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon. As each row progresses up the form make sure to put the new row center in between the ribbons of the previous row.

ribbons glued on in rows of green, buffalo check, and pink

Step 4. Finishing touches

Once all the ribbons are glued on and the entire Christmas tree form is covered, use the flat iron to gently flip the ends of the ribbon.

using a flat iron to curl the ends of ribbon

That’s it, your colorful table top Christmas tree is done.

I really love how it turned out and it looks great with all the other Christmas trees I use as a tablescape during the Christmas season.

Colorful Christmas tree centerpiece made with pink, green and buffalo check ribbon
Colorful Christmas tree centerpiece made with pink, green and buffalo check ribbon

Such a fun project!  Now I want to make some more, what colors would you use?  Would you opt for traditional colors and make it colorful like this one?  I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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Table top Christmas tree with pink, green and buffalo checked ribbon text overlay Make Your Own Colorful Tabletop Christmas Tree

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  1. Oh I’m diggin the flat-ironed center piece. 🙂 It has a regal pagoda look that would look great with chinoiserie decor. But I love the puffy version, too! It’s so fun and flirty! So happy to get two versions in one tutorial. I’ll be making these!! Thanks so much for sharing. XOXO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. So cute, and so smart to double up the ribbon. The colors you chose are beautiful, and that trick to curl them….brilliant. I would not have thought of that 😉

    Thanks for joining our first Colorful Blogger Blog Hop, it was so fun to see everyone’s creativity come to life!

  3. I love the idea!! I especially love the colors and pattern you picked!! Flat ironing them was such a great idea. I originally thought it was cardstock when I saw the picture! will make a fun project to make with my little girl!

  4. So unique and colorful! I think this would be a fun project to try with my kids.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is so cute. I love the black gingham in there!

    1. Thank you Liz!! There was no way I was going to try to iron those little strips of ribbon with my clothes iron, lol!! Plus they wouldn’t have ended up with that little flip (I use to be a hairdresser 😉 )

  6. That is so cute! I would never have thought to use a flat iron; that’s genius! Pinned.

    1. Thank you Joanne! And thanks so much for pinning 🙂 The flat iron trick evolved out of necessity…no way was I going to try to iron all those pieces of ribbon with my clothes iron, I doubt my fingers would have survived it, lol!!

  7. This is such a pretty and whimsical tree Suzanne, and also one of my features over at the Holiday Link Party. Congratulations and Merry Christmas.

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