Create and Celebrate Blog Party #10

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We Are Celebrating Marilyn’s Treats – Create and Celebrate #10

Hi, Friends! Thank you for joining us for our Create and Celebrate Blog Party! This party is all about you, our party guests.

We hope you all are enjoying each other’s creative work and visiting your fellow bloggers here at the party to support and encourage each other. After all, isn’t that what bloggers do? To all of our readers (ours and all of the bloggers), we hope you are being inspired by the creativity being shared each month!

We especially want to give a round of applause to those who have linked up each and every month in our first few months!

If you are new here, Pam and I were chatting one night thinking about how long and crazy our Blogger to do list seemed to be each week. Every single post that required photos, research, writing, designing graphics and engaging readers through social media was a true act of love and LOTS of hard work. We decided that bloggers need a pat on the back and some cheering from their peers in Blogland and decided to start “Create and Celebrate” to celebrate all the hard work that you do on each and every project and post.

We also started a Facebook Group and Facebook Page to share posts and give more visibility to our participants! We want to create an environment that is helpful and positive so that all our blogging friends can reach their creative and successful goals! We would love you to join us there!

I want to take just a moment to share my new blog with you (I know, am I crazy?!).  I turned 50 in November and the new blog SuziGabs is all about living life at 50 and beyond.  I would love you to come on over and join the conversation!!  Healthy living, Fashion and Beauty, and Empty Nesting…I am going to be covering it all!  Follow the new blog on social media!!

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Meet Your Hosts

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Our Feature Blogger Of the Month
Marilyn’s Treats!

We are Celebrating Marilyn's Treats


Tell us about your blog:

Marilyns Treats is a recipe blog sharing ideas for recipes with cooks of many types. I also provide a long list of Kitchen and Baking Tips as well as a few thought-provoking articles for bloggers, and of course, I host 3 linky parties.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I was baking cookies for a Betty Crocker Toys For Tots Event. After not doing any marathon baking in years I was surprised how difficult it was. As I wrote down notes and funny bloopers I decided to share them on a blog.
What do you do in your spare time?
2. My husband and I retired early due to medical reasons. My son and his family live with us. When I am not online or reading, I like to watch crime/police shows. I also enjoy spending time with my granddaughter. We spend a lot of time doing 9-year-old girly girl things and bake together in the kitchen. I try to make wonderful memories with her.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve with blogging is all the bloggers wanting to help teach what they have learned. Newer bloggers take the info and try to use it to benefit themselves. With the many differences in each blog due to technology, platform, host, theme, plugins this can do more harm than good. Even the experts have to keep up with all the fast-paced changes. These well-intentioned informational articles do more harm than good. And it is hard to find sources that keep up to date and take differences into account. It frustrates me that so many bloggers give up their blogs because of this.
Proudest Achievement:
My proudest achievement was when a Key Lime Tart I sent to a magazine was published! Guess I will never top that.
We Are Celebrating Marilyn's Treats! Create and Celebrate #10
We are just over the moon for Marilyn’s fabulous sweet treats and many yummy savory dishes as well!
We Are Celebrating Marilyn's Treats! Create and Celebrate #10
Please visit some of Marilyn’s favorite post and give her big congrats for being our Blogger of the Month!



Each month we will gather and post our best link(s) of the month. These links will need to lead to your original post. Please no link parties, but we will for sure share your parties on our very own FACEBOOK group and ask for it to be shared on our Facebook Page!. We want to create a place where we don’t just drive by and dump our links, but hang out and meet new bloggers.


  • Three to five favorite posts,
  • A favorite photo or two in addition to photos of your blog posts
  • Two to three questions about blogging
  • Two fun questions about you to allow your current readers and new readers to get to know you better!

Both featured author and participants will be shared on social media including our Blogging Best Friend – Pinterest.

Link Up To Three Posts Each Month To Showcase Your Hard Work!
We look forward to a wonderful month of celebrating, supporting, and collaborating with old friends and new in the blogging community!

Disclaimer: Adding your link to this link party gives permission to all Hosts of Create and Celebrate Blog Party, to share your posts and pictures via social media and as features with an explicit link back to your original source. Therefore, linking up you agree to allow us to use your images on each of our blogs in features relating to Create and Celebrate Blog Party. Please make sure you share your original work and photos you have rights to use. Happy Blogging!

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