Create and Celebrate Blog Party, It’s All About You

Swimming up the blogging river is exhausting, especially for new bloggers. You are working like mad to create content, blog design, taking photographs, and pulling your hair out trying to understand SEO. Your best friends are coffee and a cover stick from late nights and early mornings riding that blog craze. You work hard, Pam from Mommacan and I know you do! We decided to find a way to celebrate your hard work! Create and Celebrate A Blog Party That Rocks! This party is not just for newbie bloggers but also for bloggers who have grown weary of the same mundane blogging tasks for months, years… DECADES! We need some fun!
We create so we should celebrate!


Come join us March 1, 2017 for our Kick-Off Celebration!

What to expect at the Greatest Blog Party In the Universe

  • Each month we will gather together and post our best link(s) of the month. These links will need to lead to your original post. Please no link parties, but we will for sure share your link parties on our very own FACEBOOK page. 🙂
  • These are the categories for March: DIY, Design, Crafting, Arts, Organizing, Recipes, Party Ideas, and Seasonal Posts (right now we are in Late Winter, Early Spring)
  • We will choose a feature author/blogger/creative on the 20th of each month, along with other categories. We want to celebrate lots of talent.
  • The featured author will receive a questionnaire via email or Facebook message asking for favorite posts, a favorite photo or two, a short biography about you and your AWESOME blog, two to three questions about blogging and two fun questions about you to allow your current readers and new readers to get to know you better!
  • The category featured bloggers will be featured with their post of the month, with the best photo possible, all linked back to your blog along with a fun button to place on your blog or to print and put in your blogging scrapbook. ( I am sure you have one right?)

OUR BUTTONS WILL BE CREATIVE AND FUN! Shhh, but they are top secret until March.

Both featured author and category winners will be posted on our Facebook Page, our personal blog pages, and shared in social media including our Blogging Best Friend – Pinterest.

You will be stars for the Month!

We are truly building the party to be the best Blog Party! I hope you can join us for our kick off! March 1, 2017.

Create and Celebrate A Blog Party That Rocks!


Come join us on March 1, 2017 for our launch!

Pam and I are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! We are over the moon excited to meet new bloggers, hang out with our creative friends and celebrate all of YOU through our Create and Celebrate Blog Party! But before March 1, don’t forget to follow us on social media to get first notification and updates on the party!




I can’t wait for the party,


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