Create and Celebrate Blog Party #2

dCalling all bloggers to come join the party! The April Create and Celebrate just popped the cork and lit the candles!

Create and Celebrate Blog Party #2

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our second Create and Celebrate Party! We are just overwhelmed with the wonderful participants we had this past month; the posts were beautiful, inspiring, and helpful! Pam and I had a dickens of a time choosing the category bloggers and the Feature Blogger this month. Many thanks to Facebook Messenger for handling all those late night chats in deciding which bloggers to feature as well as my beloved Keurig or helping me stay awake during those conversations with piping hot tea, cocoa, and coffee.

If you are new here: Pam and I were chatting one night thinking about how long and crazy our Blogger TO DO list seemed to be each week. Every single post that required photos, research, writing, designing graphics and engaging readers through social media was a true act of love and LOTS of hard work. We decided that bloggers need a pat on the back and some cheering from their peers in Blogland and decided to start Create and Celebrate!

In other words, bloggers and creatives work very hard and deserve to be CELEBRATED!

We also wanted to start a Facebook Group and Facebook Page to share posts and to get more visibility to our participants! We want to create an environment that is helpful and positive so that all our blogging friends can reach their creative and successful goals! We encourage you to join both!

And Now Our Featured Creative and Bloggers
For The Month Of March

These talented writers, creatives, photographers, and foodies will be celebrated all month long with pins on Pinterest and shares in various social media venues. We hope that all visitors will pop over to our features and congratulate them or leave a cheerful message for them in the comments!


 Happy You Month Gals!

Meet Our Featured Blogger of the Month!


Through Honey N Hydrangea I have found a passion for styling and photography. If I could choose a dream job, this would be it! I truly enjoy setting up beautiful scenes and the challenge of capturing a feeling. I love to share my home and my DIY adventures. I started this blog as a way to help financially and to talk about my struggles with Lyme Disease. Instead, I have found a world of Interior design inspiration that I just can’t get enough of.
I spend my free time with my husband of 21 years and my two teenage boys who are my greatest accomplishment. I also love to hit the thrift stores; it’s all about the thrill of the chase. Then the thrill when you dig into a box and find just what you were looking for and can’t live without.

A Moody Fall Home Tour

Bring The Outdoors In – Spring Home Love Tour

*Please take a moment and visit Jessica! Celebrate her hard work and wonderful blog.

Meet Our Category Bloggers of The Month

Please enjoy their top 5 posts! These bloggers work very hard, and we are celebrating them all month long!

DIY Spring Couch Cushions
Pretty DIY Tea Towel for Spring
Three Tiered Tray for Spring
Free Easter Bunny Banner Printable
DIY Ironing Board Covers


Healthy Macorini Cheese Recipe

Chicken Curry In A Hurry

Vietnamese Pho Salad Bowl

Healthy Apple Crumble, So Good It Will Blow Your Mind

Low Sugar Chocolate Fudge



Transforming an awkward corner into the perfect Coffee Bar
2-In-1 Dish Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern – No More Sponges!
Before And After Painting Kitchen Cabinets White – Reveal
The Fastest Way To Paint Kitchen Cabinets With The Best Results – 4 Days, Less Than $200
How To Install A Pendant Light Fixture (And Swag It




Create and Celebrate The Nuts, and Bolts

Each month we will gather and post our best link(s) of the month. These links will need to lead to your original post. Please no link parties, but we will for sure share your link parties on our very own FACEBOOK page . We want to create a place where we don’t just drive by and dump our links, but hang out and meet new bloggers, join our Facebook Page, hang out at a meet and greet on our Facebook Group!

These are the categories for April:

Home and Garden, Arts and Crafts, Recipes, Organizing, Health and Beauty, Travel, and Seasonal (Mother’s Day, Late Spring and Summer)We will choose a feature author/blogger/creative on the 20th of each month, along with other categories. We want to celebrate lots of talent.

The category featured bloggers will have their post of the month featured along with two more posts of their choice, complete with the best photo possible, all linked back to your blog with a bonus fun button to place on your website or to print and put in your blogging scrapbook. ( I am sure you have one right?)

  1. The featured author will receive the following via Email or Facebook Message asking for:
  • Three to five favorite posts,
  • A favorite photo or two in addition to photos of your blog posts
  • A short biography about you and your AWESOME blog,
  • Two to three questions about blogging
  • Two fun questions about you to allow your current readers and new readers to get to know you better! ( You will have a feature page!)

Link Party, Blog Party Photo Guidelines | Mommacan.com

Both featured author and category winners will be posted on our Facebook Pages, our personal blog pages, and shared in social media including our Blogging Best Friend – Pinterest.

Let’s Meet Our Hosts


Connect with Susanne: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

Meet Pam @ Create and Celebrate Celebrate your blog today!

Connect with Pam: Facebook Pinterest Google+ Instagram



Link Up To Three Posts Each Month To Showcase Your Hard Work!
We look forward to a wonderful month of celebrating, supporting, and collaborating with old friends and new in the blogging community!

Let’s Party!

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  1. Love what you are trying todo here, I have joined your Facebook group. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, it’s a lovely start to the month.

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you for joining us Claire! You know I am a huge fan 🙂

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Thanks for joining us Debbie!

  2. Thank you so much for this Susanne! I love that I have met you, and I love how you share the spotlight and encourage others. It is such a great linkup!

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      You are so sweet! Pam and I are huge fans. Your blog is awesome and you are extremely talented, you deserve it! Thank you for joining us!

  3. You ladies are so awesome to start such a clever link party. I love the hearts behind this idea.


    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you dear friend! And thank you for joining us this month 🙂

  4. How fun!! Thank you so much for the invite and for hosting! I will be adding another link on Thursday that will go well with the spring theme! Looks like so many great posts are being shared! 🙂

    Trendy & Tidy

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Thanks for joining us Sarah!! I can’t wait to see what you have shared 🙂

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