Create and Celebrate Blog Party #9

Create and Celebrate #8We Are Celebrating Small Home Soul – Create and Celebrate #9

Hi, Friends! Thank you for joining us for our Create and Celebrate Blog Party! This party is all about you, our party guests.

We hope you all are enjoying each other’s creative work and visiting your fellow bloggers here at the party to support and encourage each other. After all, isn’t that what bloggers do? To all of our readers (ours and all of the bloggers), we hope you are being inspired by the creativity being shared each month!

We especially want to give a round of applause to those who have linked up each and every month in our first few months!

If you are new here, Pam and I were chatting one night thinking about how long and crazy our Blogger to do list seemed to be each week. Every single post that required photos, research, writing, designing graphics and engaging readers through social media was a true act of love and LOTS of hard work. We decided that bloggers need a pat on the back and some cheering from their peers in Blogland and decided to start “Create and Celebrate” to celebrate all the hard work that you do on each and every project and post.

We also started a Facebook Group and Facebook Page to share posts and give more visibility to our participants! We want to create an environment that is helpful and positive so that all our blogging friends can reach their creative and successful goals! We would love you to join us there!

Meet Your Hosts

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Meet Pam @ Create and Celebrate Celebrate your blog today!

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Our Feature Blogger Of the Month

Toni Harvey from Small Home Soul


We Are Celebrating Small Home Soul - Create and Celebrate #9

{Toni and her beautiful daughter.}

Tell us about your blog.

I want to share with my readers that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a lovely home. And encourage them to take on some DIY projects themselves, because I know they can do it too.
What inspired you to start your blog?
I always have creative things swirling in my brain and when I knew my corporate job was coming to an end because of outsourcing I knew that was the time to switch and do something more creative with my time.
What do you do in your spare time?
My daughter just got engaged and we’re thrilled for her and her fiance who is the nicest guy in the world. So now most of my spare time will be happily helping her with her big to-do list.

What is your favorite food and/or beverage? Why do you love it?
Well, Chocolate, of course. The darker the better.

Tell us about your proudest achievement?
Raising a beautiful, kind and caring daughter when I started motherhood as a 19 yr old single mom.
{Toni and Her Wonderful Family}

Toni’s Favorite Post


We Are Celebrating Small Home Soul - Create and Celebrate #9
We Are Celebrating Small Home Soul - Create and Celebrate #9
We have loved visiting with Toni from Small Home Soul. She is a wonderful talented DIY blogger and an inspiring person. It has been a pleasure getting to know her a little better through Create and Celebrate!
Now we would love to see what you have created this month!

Create and Celebrate #8Let’s Party!

Create and Celebrate The Nuts, and Bolts

Each month we will gather and post our best link(s) of the month. These links will need to lead to your original post. Please no link parties, but we will for sure share your parties on our very own FACEBOOK group and ask for it to be shared on our Facebook Page!. We want to create a place where we don’t just drive by and dump our links, but hang out and meet new bloggers.

The featured author will receive the following via Email or Facebook Message asking for:

  • Three to five favorite posts,
  • A favorite photo or two in addition to photos of your blog posts
  • Two to three questions about blogging
  • Two fun questions about you to allow your current readers and new readers to get to know you better!

Both featured author and participants will be shared on social media including our Blogging Best Friend – Pinterest.

Link Up To Three Posts Each Month To Showcase Your Hard Work!
We look forward to a wonderful month of celebrating, supporting, and collaborating with old friends and new in the blogging community!

Grab a beverage and let’s get to the party!!



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  1. Thank you both so much for the lovely feature! I am touched beyond imagination and so blessed to have wonderful blogger friends like you and Pam! My world is so much bigger because of the relationships that I’ve developed with fellow bloggers who also desire to inspire others in their creativity. All the love and hearts to you!

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      You are very welcome Toni and it is so very much deserved!! Love and hugs my friend!

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Thanks for joining us!!!

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