Create and Celebrate, A Blog Party That Rocks! #1

A few weeks ago Pam and I started chatting about how crazy our TO DO list was as bloggers. We were amazed at all the hard work that, so many bloggers put in each week just to brighten readers days here in the United States and around the World! It is crazy how much work goes into a simple recipe or a craft and oh boy don’t get me started on DIY posts and those “How To Do Something In 30 Days” series that teach use new tasks and help us have cleaner homes and slimmer waistlines. These posts are hard work and bloggers who create them all deserve their day in the SPOTLIGHT! So we are inviting you all to participate in Create and Celebrate A Blog Party That Rocks! #1 today!

Create and Celebrate Blog Party #1

Create and Celebrate The Nuts and Bolts

Each month we will gather and post our best link(s) of the month. These links will need to lead to your original post. Please no link parties, but we will for sure share your link parties on our very own FACEBOOK page. 🙂 . We want to create a place where we don’t just drive by and dump our links, but hang out and meet new bloggers, join our Facebook page, hang out at a meet and greet in our Facebook Group!

  1. are the categories for March, Home and Garden, Arts and Crafts, Organizing, Recipes, Health and Beauty, and Seasonal Posts (right now we are in Late Winter, Early Spring)
  2. We will choose a feature author/blogger/creative on the 20th of each month, along with other categories. We want to celebrate lots of talent.
  3. The category featured bloggers will have their post of the month featured along with two more posts of their choice, complete with the best photo possible, all linked back to your blog with a bonus fun button to place on your website or to print and put in your blogging scrapbook. ( I am sure you have one right?)
  4. The featured author will receive the following via Email or Facebook Message asking for:
  • Three to five favorite posts,
  • A favorite photo or two in addition to photos of your blog posts
  • A short biography about you and your AWESOME blog,
  • Two to three questions about blogging
  • Two fun questions about you to allow your current readers and new readers to get to know you better! ( You will have a feature page!)


Link Party, Blog Party Photo Guidelines |

Photo Guide Lines

Please send two photos of you, photos from your blog posts that are at least 735 x 1102, 750 x 300, 1000 x 1500, 1000 x 1000 pixels without verbiage larger than a watermark.

Please make sure all photos submitted are your own and not from other sources, including Flickr, Pinterest, and other sources. We want your photos to be about your or your personal creativity on your blog.

Both featured author and category winners will be posted on our Facebook Pages, our personal blog pages, and shared in social media including our Blogging Best Friend – Pinterest.

Let’s Meet Our Hosts

We are going to introduce ourselves so that you get to know us a bit more and will get to know a little about the layouts for feature bloggers.


Meet Susanne: Susanne’s Blog is Life On Pearl Street – Click Here To Learn More About Susanne

Meet Pamela: Pam’s Blog is – Click Here to Learn More About Pam


BLOG PARTY – Link Section


  1. Be Super Sweet and Follow Your Hosts on Social Media
  2. Link Up to Three Of Your More Recent Posts – Please no Link Parties and Link To Your Own Content
  3. By Placing your Link on our Create and Celebrate Party you give our Hosts and Create and Celebrate the rights to use your photo and link on our Blogs/Websites as features for future posts.
  4. Please Link Family Friendly Content Only
  5. Please Read and Comment/Pin/Share on at least 2 other Links. After all this party is about supporting each other and finding new friends!
  6. Don’t forget to follow our Create and Celebrate Facebook Page

March’s Category Winners Will Be As Follows – Depending On How Many Participate On Our FIRST PARTY!

Home and Garden, Arts and Crafts, Organizing, Recipes, Health and Beauty, and Seasonal Posts

The Feature Author Can blog in any niche that is family friendly and is chosen using several factors that may or may not include, click ratio, overall blog appearance, content, fun-factor, author participation in the party and visiting fellow bloggers, leaving comments etc.

Now..on to the party!!!  We can’t wait to see what you all have to share!!

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    1. Welcome Angie!!! We are so excited to have you join us!! I love your changing table turned potting table and can’t wait to check out your other post 🙂 Thank you for supporting our new blog party!!

  1. That sounds so fun! Sad that a beauty blogger here and my category isn’t there 😒 Wish I could join!
    However, would follow up know you all better who’s gonna take part 😀

    Much Love… GreenStory

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