Decorating Your Christmas Tree With Wayfair

Are you looking for new Christmas decor this year? Look no further! Wayfair has you covered with everything you need for decorating your Christmas tree this year!

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This post is sponsored by Wayfair, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

As a member of the Wayfair Home Stylist blogger team it is my pleasure to work with Wayfair to bring you the latest and greatest ideas for your home.

I love decorating our home for Christmas and when Wayfair asked if I would like to feature some of their Christmas decor, well of course I couldn’t say no!

As much as I liked our old Christmas tree, I wasn’t in love with it. It didn’t fluff well, there were always holes that I had to stuff with ornaments or ribbon.

Decorating your Christmas tree shouldn’t be stressful…don’t you agree?

So I got the 7.5′ Fir by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

I was excited about how full this tree looked and it has 750 clear white lights and 2514 branch tips. The more branch tips the fuller your Christmas tree will be.

There is even a video on the listing for this tree showing you how to fluff it to make it look just like the picture above.

Christmas tree stand

I un-boxed it, and started putting it together. The cord is extra long, so I didn’t even need an extension cord and the stand opens out with rubber feet that won’t make scratches on your hardwood

I was very impressed with how real the branches looked. Not a bit like our old tree!

Brand new out of the box, it will take awhile to fluff. Unless you watch the video. Which I didn’t…sigh

It looks very realistic and I may or may not go back and re-fluff later.

I also received new hot pink, and green ornaments. I love the color combination so why change it? It satisfies my eclectic heart!

Christmas tree decorated with hot pink and green decorations

You may remember our tree from last year in my Christmas post along with my favorite minimalist Christmas decor ideas. Our tree is my only maximalist decor moment. Sometimes you just have to be excessive!

full view of decorated Christmas tree

I still had to add the ribbon, it really makes the tree, don’t you think? You can learn to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon in this post by Kelley Nan. That lady knows how to work some ribbon!

I have to share a couple more photos. I love closeups of a lighted Christmas tree, because all the glitters makes this girl very happy!

close up pink and green Christmas ornaments
close up of lighted Christmas tree

You would never know this isn’t a real Christmas tree. This tree was created to look like a real Fir tree and it doesn’t disappoint. It will no doubt bring you years of enjoyment.

Be sure to head over to Wayfair and pick up your Christmas decor!

Happy Decorating!!

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  1. Just so pretty! The ribbon looks fantastic with the festive colors.

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