DIY Planter Using Scrap Wood

A couple of years ago I purchased a bunch (and I mean a bunch!) of old windows, much to the dismay of my hubby.  He said I wouldn’t do anything with them and that he would end up having to store them somewhere.  Well he was partly right.  He did have to store them somewhere, but I am using them ever so slowly, lol!  I pulled one of those babies out of the shed along with scrap wood left over from our DIY shiplap wall and came up with a plan.

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DIY planter from scrap wood.

DIY Planter Using Scrap Wood

Each month my blogging BFF’s and I get together for a creative challenge.  This month’s challenge is to build something from scrap wood.  I had my project all planned, it was a beginner woodworking DIY (I am a beginner when it comes to table saws and air nailers) and I wasn’t it sweating it.

Until 4 days ago when I couldn’t find the metal letters I bought at Hobby Lobby eons ago.  They were key to my project!!  I told everyone I didn’t think I was going to be able to participate this month, but being the great BFF’s they are they all cheered me on to finding a different project.  So, with just 1 day before it was supposed to be ready, I figured out what I could do and spent my evening in the garage (my hubby’s domain).  If I ever find those darn letters, I will put together my original project and share it with you!


Creative blogger challenge the last Friday of every month

The rules are simply that the project has to fit the challenge theme, which will be something different to inspire you each month!

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Building Frenzy

My idea was to build boxes to attach to the window to be used as planters.   So I measured the width of the window and cut my bottom and front pieces using the table saw.  I have to admit, I love the whirring sound it makes when it cuts through the wood.  Then I measured how tall my side pieces needed to be and cut those.

*special note:  decide if your side pieces will be inside or outside of the box, it does make a difference.  Oops!

I did tell you this is my hubby’s domain, didn’t I?  Well, I had to go back in the house to find out where he keeps the air nailer.  I found the wrong one, so he had to come out and show me where the right one was, make sure it was loaded and then help me with the first few shots.  After that he went back in the house and I finished it on my own.  I used 2 inch brad nails, those suckers go in there quick when you have an air hose forcing them out!

My boxes don’t have backs because the window will be the back.

DIY planter using scrap wood

It’s All In The Details

I had little hope that these scrap wood boxes would look as aged and weathered as the window, but I was prepared to paint and sand until I got them pretty close.

First I stained them, then I used some leftover white chalk paint to dry brush the boxes.  I had to water it down, because chalk paint is super thick.  I let it dry over night and when I went into the garage this morning low and behold the chalk paint gods had smiled down on me!  They were almost the exact same color as the faded chipped paint on the window!

DIY Planter Using Scrap Wood


I lightly sanded the window frame and then put a coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s hemp oil on the boxes and window.  I just love how hemp oil brings out the natural color of the wood.  My friend Lisa turned me on to the wonders of hemp oil.  You can find the 5 reasons she loves hemp oil over on her blog, The Purple Hydrangea.

DIY planter using scrap wood and a vintage window

DIY planter using scrap wood

Dressing It Up

I attached the boxes with wood screws because my hubby informed me if I missed with the air nailer I would most likely shatter the windows.  That would have been soooooo bad!  Once that was all done,  I put my flowers in and voila’.

DIY planter using scrap wood

DIY planter using scrap wood

DIY Planter Using Scrap Wood


The moral of this story, actually there are a couple…don’t forget where you put your metal letters, you will need them someday and don’t miss out on buying old windows (no matter what your hubby thinks 😉 )

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How to make a planter using an old window and scrap wood



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DIY planter using scrap wood



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  1. Look at you go, girl!!! You nailed it, (pun intended) I must admit, I hope you find those letters because now I am so very curious.

    Have a great weekend and I am so glad you were able to finish up to share with us.

    1. Haha! You are too funny! I imagine I will find them when the littles move out and I get my office back, sigh….I may have to go buy new ones, I really wanted to do that project!

  2. Oh Susanne! I love this! What a beautiful window you scored and the added planter boxes add to is yummy charm!

    1. Thank you Sam! My mind is spinning now as to what I can do with the rest of them! Have a lovely weekend!

      1. I would buy all that I can find if my hubby wouldn’t have a stroke, lol! Thank you so much for checking it out 🙂

  3. Your project turned out beautifully !! The window is both charming and useful – perfect combination. What is about old windows that is so addicting? I love them, but really have only found one that someone put out with their trash. Thank you for sharing this – I’m off to check out the other projects!

  4. Sussane I am in LOVE with this! And those windows! I wish we lived close enough to take one or two off your hands 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness….this is awesome and I am so jealous of all those windows you have in your stash. Great job.

  6. Man, girl, you are GOOD under pressure! I am in LOVE with this idea, so much, that I’m kind of glad those letters hid themselves so well! 😉 The paint finish is perfection. You rocked it!

  7. This turned out great! I have two old 5′ tall 6-light windows that this would be perfect for. I love the chicken wire at the top, what a great touch.

    1. Thanks Toni! The panes were missing out of those top two so I had to put something in there 🙂 A vining plant would be perfect to loop up in there.

  8. I am curious about the project with the letters but this looks very good. I would love to luck into windows like you did.

    1. I don’t think my hubby feels the same way about the windows, but I did ;). I am hoping the letters show up once I get my office back….someday, lol!

  9. You’ll eventually find the letters, probably in time for the next challenge 😀 I love old windows and never thought to make them into a planter! It looks awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Kim! It was definitely down to the wire coming up with and doing this one! I sure hope I find those letters soon!

  10. Love this project!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

  11. This looks great Susanne! Such a creative way to use an old window. I have a few hidden away that are begging to be used so I may try something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love how this turned out– I had a couple of glass doors that I finally got rid of this year, and I’m not sorry that I did!

  13. Turned out great!! Wish I was crafty like that! You make it look so easy ☺

  14. it’s almost impossible to find old window frames like this here in Northern Ireland! I’ve been dying to find them and collect them because I love the shabby chic look. This project is fabulous. Pinning 🙂

  15. I am so jealous of people who are good at DIY lol, I am not too good at it or had very much practice. I love how easy you make it look! And this came out beautifully, so beautiful in fact that I am tempted to run out to the antique store up the road that I know has a ton of old windows and doors and recreate this (or enlist my husband to lol) right now!

    1. DO IT!!! It really is an easy project to do and it can be used inside or outside. It would be great in the kitchen for mail and cook books you could hang it on the wall!

  16. You did a good job switching gears! This is so creative! You really have the best ideas. 🙂

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