Easy DIY Fall Banner

Learn to make an easy DIY fall banner with jute and burlap.  It looks great on a fireplace, but you could hang it anywhere you want for a perfect piece of fall decor.

Another project I know you will love, using jute, are these Repurposed Apothecary Jars I made.  Jute is one my favorite materials to use when I dare to do a craft project that isn’t macrame.

Fall decor on a mantle with an easy DIY fall banner

I wanted a banner for the fireplace and I knew I wanted the letters on pennants.  I also wanted it bigger than an average garland banner.

As luck would have it, I was going to have to make my own.  My luck with glue guns and scissors isn’t the best. but I completed this project without burns and no blood shed. 

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Making this banner was really easy once I sat down to do it!  Here is what you will need…

Supplies needed to make an easy DIY fall  banner

You may be asking, why didn’t she just buy the banner pennants already made?  Well, for one thing I wanted my pennants larger than pre made ones I had seen and I wanted them to be stiffer so they wouldn’t flop when draped.

The first thing I did was cut the burlap using one of the craft triangles as a template.  Then, using the Mod Podge, I attached them to the craft triangles.  The craft triangles along with the Mod Podge makes the pennants good and stiff.

Using pennant template cut burlap for easy DIY fall banner

Burlap pennant triangles for an easy DIY fall banner

Now I want to talk about the Rustic Banner Letters.  I found them during a blog link party I had joined.  Michelle at THE PAINTED HINGE is very talented and I just love all her printables!!  You have to head over and check her out.

Rustic letter P on burlap pennant for easy DIY fall banner

I printed them off and I cut them to size to fit inside my pennants, then put them on using the Mod Podge.  I coated both the front and back of the letters.

I let them dry for about an hour then attached them to the jute rope.  I love jute!!  There are so many things you can do with it.  

Next, I used my glue gun and ran a strip of glue across the back of the pennants at the top and then placed the jute on the pennants.  I got them all glued and my hubby was going to help me attach it the mantle, but this happened…

Easy DIY fall banner with the letter backwards

To my hubby’s credit he didn’t laugh.  I laughed for about ten minutes, so it’s okay, you can go ahead and laugh!  Luckily the jute peeled off the hot glue with little damage to the pennants and I was able to glue them going the right direction.  Here is how it turned out…

Fall decor on a mantle with an easy DIY fall banner

Fireplace with fall decor and easy DIY fall banner

I love it!!  It looks just like I imagined.

How are you decorating for fall?  Do you think you could tackle this easy diy fall banner?  When you make yours tag me on Instagram of Facebook, I would love to see it!

Talk to you soon,


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Fall decor on a mantle with an easy DIY fall banner

Easy DIY Fall Banner

Yield: 1 Easy DIY Fall Banner
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $10

Make your own easy DIY fall banner with jute and burlap.  It looks great on a fireplace, but you could hang it anywhere you want for a perfect piece of fall decor.


  • 3 Ply Jute Rope
  • Mod Podge
  • 12" Natural Burlap Roll fabric
  • Pennant Flags Kraft Triangles 
  • Rustic Banner Letters


  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


    1. Cut the burlap using one of the craft triangles as a template. Cut 9 triangles to spell Happy Fall.
    2. Using the Mod Podge, attach the burlap triangle to the craft triangles. Make sure to spread the Mod Podge evenly.
    3. Print your letters and cut them to size to fit inside the pennants,
    4. Apply put them to the pennants using the Mod Podge.  Make sure to coat both the front and back of the letters
    5. Print off your letters and cut them to fit inside the shape of the pennant.
    6. Apply your letters to your pennant using Mod Podge, make sure to coat the front and the back of each letter. Allow to dry for about 1 hour.
    7. Apply a strip of hot glue to the back of each pennant and attach the jute. Make sure you have them laid out correctly.
    8. Hang it up in your favorite spot!

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  1. Great project and I love that it’s so easy!! This adds just the right flair for the season. Love that font too it’s very clean and simple. Our temperatures finally dropped down south – I’m wearing jeans again and actually feel like decorating.

    1. Hi Carole! It rained here a few days ago and our temps went down too! I actually got to turn off the air and open the windows 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  2. This turned out so cute! And I’ve made funny mistakes like you did, with spelling something backwards for a project before. 😉 Actually, it seems almost every project I do, there’s some sort of hiccup along the way. 🙂 It’s all just part of the process sometimes… 😀 Love how your banner turned out!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! I seem to have a hiccup along the way with most of my projects, lol!! This was by far the funniest one 😉

  3. Nice Nails Susanne! This is gorgeous and you are right…simple! Love it and it looks amazing.

  4. It looks amazing! I have totally done something like that (putting things on backwards) while crafting! I made stockings for my husband and I the year we got married and realized after they were done that I put the decorations on the wrong side so that when hanging in a line with store bought ones, they would either have to face the wrong way or have the decorations on the back. Wasn’t a problem when it was just the two of us, but once I made a stocking for our daughter I knew I had to redo them since I wanted to make hers properly.

  5. That’s great- good job! I love how you got them backwards at first- oh the mistakes I make along the way Love modpodge, burlap and jute!!

  6. I love how you stuck with it and got it done. It is perfect for your mantle.

    By the way…this is totally something I would mess up. there is a reason I stick to painting furniture. 🙂

  7. Wow, I never guessed Modge Podge on burlap. They came out so wonderfully and burlap just screams fall.

  8. I love your banner tutorial and your fireplace mantle is so festive and beautifully decorated for all. Thanks for a great link party!

  9. I had to think about your yppah first, thought it was a photo trick! Lucky enough you were able to correct it, and I love the way it turnd out!

    1. Hahaha! I wish it had been a photo trick, lol!! It all turned out okay in the end…thanks for stopping by!!

  10. Your banner is so pretty!! That’s too funny about the letters being placed backwards. Glad you were able to laugh about it, what a fun memory. 🙂

  11. Very cute banner and great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

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