Going Bold with Paint in a Home Office

Go Bold or Go Home

Go bold or go home.  So they say.  I love color and I love being at home, so it made sense to stretch myself and add some bold paint color to our home office.

I mean, if it didn’t turn out, no one would see it but us.

But, it did turn out.

And it is FABulous if I do say so myself!

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Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.

It is that time of the month again when my blogging BFF’s and I join together to bring you the fruits of our Inspired Maker’s Challenge.  This month’s challenge was to paint a room or piece of furniture.  Sounds so simple, right?

Famous last words (insert eye roll emoji).  I always start a paint project all gung ho, then half way through think, what have I gotten myself into?  Hands up if you do the same thing.

Come along and you will see exactly what I mean.  Then make sure to visit all of the talented ladies at the end of this post for more wonderful inspiration.


What I started with….

Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.

Blah. Boring. Plain.

I love crisp white don’t get me wrong, but we just got this space back when the grandlittles moved out and it really needed a facelift.  So I decided to go bold with my paint choice and paint the backs of each shelf on the bookcases.

All 18 of them…

I won’t even pretend that I am a neat painter.  When I paint, I need all the painter’s tape ever made to protect all the space that isn’t supposed to get painted.  So I diligently taped off each and every rectangle.  Ugh…have I ever told you that I have no patience for tedious tasks?

Bold color makes my heart sing…

Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.

I have been wanting to use this color combination for awhile, and now was the perfect time…the perfect project.  If you have trouble choosing color for your home, you will want check out this POST.

I decided on the pattern and went to work.

Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.


Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.

I am really excited about the end result and even my hubby likes it.  We will now be sharing this home office space, so it had to be somewhat masculine.

Then I unearthed all of the stuff I had stored away other places in the house while the grandlittles occupied this room and put them back on the shelves.  I even found items I was going to use in a previous challenge, but had misplaced in all the rearranging.

Bold orange and blue make an eclectic statement when used on a piece of furniture.

There were a lot of things I didn’t bring back in, because I really…truly…am trying to simplify.  But a girl has to have her craft stuff, right?

I hope this inspires you to take a risk and go bold with your next paint project.

Not sure where to start or what your design style is?  Take my Design Style Quiz and let’s get you on your way to creating a home you love to be in.

And…if you want to bounce ideas off a community of like minded peeps, head on over and join my Facebook group…see you there!  Pssst….don’t forget to visit all my blogging BFF’s below!



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  1. I am impressed with your willingness to take a color risk in an age of paint everything white! Be true to you girl!

    1. I have tried several times to paint things white and it just doesn’t speak to me usually…you know me, I am all about the color, lol!!

  2. What a fun makeover! Those pops of color bring a lot of life to your room!😍

    1. Thanks Sarah! the rest of the house is painted grey (even the walls in this room are now) and I just felt I needed a little woohoo room 😉

  3. This has to be one of my fav Susanne projects! Love the color blocking and the fun orange and blue. Are you secretly a WarEagle (Yea… SEC…Auburn..kindred spirits)… 🙂 Anyhoo, girlfriend, this is a great job!!! Love it! Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Awww, thank you!! I am not sure who the WarEagles are, but sure I will be a fan 😉 Thanks so much for your kind words!

  4. Susanne, I really love the colors you chose! What a difference. This bookcase truly makes a statement now. Nice job!

  5. I love your bold color choices….they go together do well and really make a statement. Great job.

    1. Thank you Denise! It is one of my favorite color combos I have just never used it in my home before.

  6. Love those colors Susanne! I can’t imagine having the patience to paint all of those spaces without making a mess! 😉 Great job.

  7. Love the pops of color! They go so perfectly together!

  8. I love these colors and I love the shelves. You did a great job and you’d never know you aren’t a neat painter 😉 The pattern you chose to offset the color pops is perfect. And they are so nicely styled now that the grandlittles things aren’t taking over the room 🙂

    1. Thanks Toni! Those empty selves in the before pic were where all of their toys were when they were here, lol! I had to cram my stuff in those few shelves at the top…I had no where else in the house to put it all, lol! I may have a bit of a hoarding problem 😉

  9. Suzanne I love the bold choice of colors! And I am sure that Auburn fans would agree with the color choice! Such a happy and reivigorating project.

  10. LOVE it!! I am a color person and I do not have a room in my house that is painted white so this really appealed to me! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

  11. I’m in love with these colors! It’s so hard for me because I love ALL colors so I can never choose what I want so I just mix ’em all together and hope for the best 😉

  12. This looks really nice in the bold colours. It adds a very interesting backdrop to all the items on the shelves and I really like the different colours you chose. Great update.

  13. Love these color choices , bold paint ties everything together

  14. This makes me want to spice up my bookshelves with some colour! I love the shades you chose. Looks lovely!

  15. ‘Go bold or go home’… Couldn’t agree more!! I am ALL about bold colours in interiors. Such a shame that so many people think that neutral colours are the only option. Love the blue and orange together! Rx

  16. That’s so cute! I love the color combination, I don’t think I ever would have come up with that. It’s very gender neutral as well, so I’m sure both you and your husband will love spending time in there!!

  17. You did a great job! I love using bold colors also. I painted my home office fuchsia, orange, and gold and I love it!

  18. Looks great! I’m always so torn between my love for color and my obsession with white and light 🙂

  19. I love the he colorful transformation! I love color, especially when applied in unusual ways. Thanks for sharing!

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