How to Decorate as a Couple and Come Out Alive

When Your Design Styles Clash…

You want to paint the fireplace stone white, your spouse doesn’t.  You want built-ins, your spouse doesn’t.  Your spouse loves that deer head (after all, he spent 6 hours in a tree stand for that beast!), you don’t. Your spouse frowns at painting any piece of wood furniture, you have paintbrush in hand ready to go.  You and your spouse have different design styles, how on earth do you make them work together and decorate your home?!

Follow along and let’s blend your styles to create a space you both will love!

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How to decorate as a couple doesn't have to be hard.  Learning to compromise and and respect each other's design styles is key.  #decoratingasacouple #decoratingtogether #homedecorating #decoratingfortwo


Now just let me say, I come from a place of experience with this one.  We built a room addition 2 years ago and decorating it was quite a challenge. It wasn’t really to hard for me to blend our two styles together because I love an eclectic mix of everything.


My hubby really didn’t have strong opinions on the decor.


He didn’t want built ins and he wanted a ceiling fan.


He got his ceiling fan and I got my built ins…open backed ladder shelves with drawers at the bottom.  They look great flanking the GINORMOUS tv he had to have and he likes them because they aren’t white and they aren’t closed in.  WIN WIN!

I was excited to go shopping for another couch and chair (did I mention this room is 900 sq. ft.?).  He knows me well and knew we would spend hours looking at all of the furniture options so he called ahead and asked if they had another set of what we already had.

HA!  He ruined all my fun, but in the end it was the best choice.  We both have our own comfy recliner and the two leather couches face each other and invite conversation when we have family over.

I have added wall decor and throw pillows (he doesn’t care two wits about any of that) and I try to keep his design style in mind whenever I make a decor choice for the room.

What is your design style?

You must first start by figuring out each of your design styles.  Take my  DESIGN QUIZ  to help you, it has already helped hundreds of people define their style!

If you get the same style that’s a bonus!  If not, don’t stress it.  We can work through it.

Decorate together with Color

Neutral paint colors as the base for your color scheme
Images courtesy of HGTV

Color preferences can change over time and with new trends that come along, but nailing down the basic color scheme for your home is a must.

Think about how each of you wants your home to feel.  Write it down. No really….write it down, I’ll wait.  Writing it down makes it real and it gives you evidence when your significant other says they don’t like a color they picked (wink, wink).

Comfortable.  Inviting.  Warm.  Airy.  Relaxing….you get the idea.  Pick out the ones that are similar.  A home can be both comfortable and airy, that is where the blending comes into play.

Choose a base color that you both can live with and then decide on your accent colors.  A base color would be a neutral color to build the rest of your design around.  Then choose accent colors to achieve the look and feel you both have decided on.  My post EXPERT TIPS FOR ADDING COLOR TO YOUR SPACE goes into more detail on how to put together a color scheme.

Decorate together with Furniture

farmhouse and industrial, traditional and modern...styles can blend together when you know how to do it.
Shop the Look

Next I want each of you to pick one piece of furniture you can’t live without.  Like if it was the only piece of furniture you could take to a desert island, it would be THIS.PIECE.OF.FURNTURE.

Your piece is modern, your spouse’s is traditional.  Think of one good thing you can say about the other’s choice.

Maybe it’s the color or fabric.

It could be it’s shape.

Maybe it is how freaking comfortable it is.

It’s okay if they aren’t the same style.  Build on and choose other pieces based on what you like about each other’s favorite.  Once you add accessories to the space, you will never notice how different they truly are.

Decorate together with Accessories


Blending design styles as a couple the easy way
Shop the Look

Let’s talk accessories.  You know, the small things that hang on the walls and sit on the tables or lay on the couches or beds.  Smalls and soft furnishings.

I want each of you to choose three small decor items that you love.

Maybe you love the color.

The material it is made from.

Maybe it is the shape you love.

It has sentimental value.

Now, name one thing you like about the other’s choices.  Are you seeing a pattern?  I certainly hope so, it is the art of blending styles and compromise.  Don’t stress that they aren’t the same design style!  Adding items that have some element in common will make it all fit together.

Bonus Tips

Don’t discount each other’s likes and dislikes, work together to make it a place you love to come home to.

Agree to agree on the big purchases.  They are the most expensive to replace, so you need to get it right the first time.

The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t worth having a blow out over.  It is just a house. What you do together and the love you put into it, is what will make it a home you will love.

Do you and your significant other have the same style?  Are your styles different?  How do you mix them together?  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Happy Decorating,


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How to decorate as a couple doesn't have to be hard. Learning to compromise and and respect each other's design styles is key. #decoratingasacouple #decoratingtogether #homedecorating #decoratingfortwo




tips for decorating as a coupleTips for decorating as a couple. 4 ways to mix your interior design styles.




Decorating as a couple with my 4 easy tips. Mixing design styles with your significant other isn't as hard as you think.
Decorating as a couple with my 4 easy tips. Mixing design styles with your significant other isn't as hard as you think.





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  1. Thank you for this article SO much. My husband and I have SUCH an opposite style but I know there is a middle ground for us somewhere. I’m a colorful artist that wants to fill our house with things collected from my travels and he’s an engineer that loves modern clean lines.

    1. You are very welcome Rachael! Opposites attract and there is definitely a way to put your two styles together! If you need more help please let me know 🙂 I bet your collection is amazing!!

  2. I love the tip about decorating with accessories, typically these are cheaper and a lot easier to switch out when needed or personalize the space than replacing furniture/fixtures or repainting!

  3. This was a great post. My husband and I have completely different tastes. It’s been interesting as we’ve been decorating and looking for furniture. We are good at compromising so no one feels as if they didn’t get what they want.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I am so glad to hear that you two good at the art of compromise, it really isn’t worth fighting over 😉

  4. Susanne, I love this article! My husband and I always fight when decorating! Hehe…. Totally going to make him read this too, later! 😀

  5. Really good article! My husband lets me do most of the decorating, but every once in awhile he gets an idea in his head about something. He really doesn’t have a sense of what looks good together, so I usually need a professional to tell him something won’t look right together, because he doesn’t believe me!! Anyway, you have a lot of good information!

    1. Thanks Cherryl! And there is nothing wrong with letting someone else tell him it just won’t work 😉

  6. Love this post. The title is what pulled me in instantly. My hubby and I can NEVER agree on decor. So happy it worked out though.

  7. I love this article! Great advice! My style is lot like your but my husband’s? He pretty much doesn’t care as long as he has a comfy couch and a great TV LOL!

  8. I feel as though it is important, whether or not you are decorating with a family member, friend, flatmate, etc that design decisions are collective where necessary – I found this when up-do-ing my office/bedroom space! Keep the peace, makes like easier! Compromise always!

  9. Great tips, yes its all about compromise. Mostly my husband lets me do what I want, but sometimes he digs in his heels, as do l. But you can get a great style you’re both happy with if you work together. That’s really the secret to a great marriage too 😊

  10. This article spoke volumes to me. Hubs and I are constantly on the opposite end of the spectrum with things. I always try to remember its his home too as I sit on the high back blue cordoroy lounger couch set I hide on the upstairs floor along with his TV.

    1. Hahahaha!!! I do the same thing Leanna! Sometimes things just don’t fit the style and we don’t want to hurt our spouses feelings 🙂 You compromised, it is still in the house 😉

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