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How to Makeover a Room for $100

Room renovations are expensive and most of us don’t just have thousands of dollars laying around to be able to create those instagram worthy spaces.  I GET it!  I REALLY do!  I am right there with you, I have expensive tastes and a shoestring budget.  What if I told you you could makeover a room for $100?  Don’t believe me?  I have made over rooms in our home for $100 and I love the amazing results.

Step by step guide for making over a room for JUST $100.

The rooms I picked weren’t full scale renovations.  Obviously you can’t tear a space down to the studs and start fresh with such a small budget.  However there are things you can do to make the space fresh and new again.  That is what I want to help you learn to do

My FREE ebook details how I made over rooms on a $100 budget.  I walk through my process so that you can do it in your home.  It isn’t about how much money you spend, but what you spend it on that makes a room makeover work within your budget.

Here’s what you will get inside the book:

  • Tips for choosing a room that will benefit from $100 room makeover.
  • A guide to planning your makeover with a planning sheet to print and use.
  • Advice on the best places to source supplies and decor.
  • A step by step guide to get your makeover done.

Along with the ebook you will also receive a BONUS with $100 room makeovers to inspire you.

AND…as an extra BONUS, a list of 32 DIY decor projects you can make to add to any space.

I know!!  Wow!!  You might be thinking I am giving away the farm, but my goal is to help you create a home you love and kick ass spaces don’t have to break the bank.

To get your FREE copy of my ebook so you can start creating a home you love, simply click the image below.

Happy Decorating!


Step by step guide for making over a room for JUST $100.