Laying Tile Over Linoleum

Oh yes I did.  I laid tile over linoleum.  I know they say not to, I know I shouldn’t have, but I did and it turned out great!  Stay with and I will share some progress pictures towards the end of this post.  I did lots of research and watched lots of videos before attempting this project.  Here is what I found…Laying tile over linoleum should only be done if certain conditions are met:

  • The linoleum is a single continuous sheet
  • It needs to be glued down all over not just adhered around the edges
  • There are no lifted edges
  • The subfloor beneath is in good condition and level

The linoleum in this little bathroom is one continuous sheet.  It was definitely glued down all over.  There was one spot by the vanity that was lifted, so I cheated and cut it out.  You can’t see it since it is right against the base of the cabinet and I made sure to fill it with thin set when I was laying the tile in place.  Our house is only 20 years old, my hubby has been under it numerous times and it is dry as a bone and when I put a level on it I didn’t find any uneven areas.  I was very confident that there were no problems with the subfloor.

All four conditions above were met and I did the unthinkable and tiled right over that ugly old linoleum.  That was not my original plan.  I had planned on ripping up the old linoleum and pulling the toilet, but my hubby hates when my projects become his projects so I am on my own for this renovation project.  My first solo DIY was for the fall ORC and I am really proud of my BOARD AND BATTEN WALLS that I put up in our living room all by myself.

The new tile would have required a flange extender for the toilet in order to get a good seal because it would have been sitting higher then it was before.  I’m sure I could have figured out how to do it, but I didn’t want to be responsible for a leaking toilet.

So yes, I not only tiled over the linoleum, I also tiled around the toilet.  I am such a rebel.  Don’t tell me I can’t do something.  If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Disclaimer…I am not sharing this so you will run out and lay tile over any old floor.  Those 4 conditions have to be met before you do this.  You have to do your research.  Your tile may not turn out like mine did.  So be diligent in your preparation if you decide to take on this project the way I did.

This is week three of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and media partners House Beautiful and Andy and Candis from Old Home Love.  Featured designers and guest designers are challenged to complete a room renovation in just six weeks.  Eeeek!  Are we all crazy?  Maybe a little, but that’s what makes it exciting!

If you are just finding me in this challenge you can catch up here…………. WEEK 1 I WEEK 2


Spring 2018 ORC featuring our guest bathroom. A six week makeover to update the space.

Laying tile is not something I have ever done before, but I am really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and taking on this DIY project.  It took me 5 hours to lay the tile in this very small bathroom, 3 of which were spent working around that darn toilet.  An out of shape 50 year old body does not contort around a toilet very well.  You can laugh, now that it is done I am, lol!

Remember the awful linoleum?  No?  Well let me show you again.

Guest bathroom plan and progress. Small guest bathroom makeover on a budget

Here’s how the whole project went…

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Tiling around the toilet is 3 hours of my life I will never get back and my body will never be the same.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Gray grout would have really made this floor look awesome, but I went with white because it was more forgiving of my mistakes.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.

I am so happy with how this turned out!  No more ugly linoleum and I gained a new skill to add to my resume.

I also ordered my light fixture and wallpaper this week.  The light fixture arrived Saturday, but the wallpaper won’t be here until the 23rd.  Nothing else can be done until the wallpaper is installed so I am at a stand still.  This week will have to be used for shopping for accessories, darn it (insert winky emoji)

My to do list is shrinking

  • repair ceiling
  • paint vanity and add new hardware
  • replace vanity top
  • replace medicine cabinet with new mirror and lights
  • tile floor
  • apply new caulk to the tub surround
  • put up wallpaper
  • add a towel bar
  • replace baseboard and door trim
  • install new shower curtain rod and shower curtain

That’s all for this week folks, don’t forget to visit all of the other participants at the links below.

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Laying tile over linoleum can be done if certain conditions are met. DIY bathroom floor project.



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  1. It looks amazing! I’ve seen tile laid over linoleum before. This gives me the confidence needed to finish my tiny tiling job. All those tiny little edge pieces suck so much. 😉

    1. Thanks Emy! Going around the toilet was the worst…next bathroom I do, the toilet is coming out no matter what!

      1. One thing to consider when contemplating tiling around a toilet is that any replacement down the line will likely have a different foot print. It happened to us. I had tiled around ours, thankfully I had used luxury vinyl, groutable tile, when our son broke the toilet. After some panicked tears, I was able to get more tiles, finish tiling and replaced the toilet. And yes, pulling that baby to tile under it is worth it, your body will thank you.

  2. I would never ever ever ever use dark grout on a light tile as an amateur. I feel like dark grout on a light tile has to be absolutely perfect, and I’ve seen professional tiling jobs that don’t even cut it. So there’s no way I would, either!

  3. Wow…you are such a rebel, Suzanne! Haha..I love it! Go you for gaining another new skill and doing this alone. I’m like you…I do most of these projects solo. Hubby doesn’t like it when I involve him in ORC projects. He’d rather pay professionals than DIY it. Can’t wait to see how this whole bathroom turns out!

    1. We are woman…hear us roar!!! I am glad to hear my husband isn’t the only that takes on pass on these challenges, lol!!

  4. I’m not going to lie… that gives me anxiety, Haha!! It looks great though. You’ll have to let us know how it holds up 🙂 xo

  5. Suzanne, you are a better woman than I. Your tile floor turned out spectacular. Who would ever know that linoleum is under there? I won’t tell. You may have spent 3 hours on hands and knees laying the tile around the toilet, but you have saved a ton of moola. You should treat yourself to a massage. You deserve it.

  6. What a great job! You’re a total pro. I love the tile and am thrilled you have a new floor. Love your research, too. Learning from others’ mistakes is helpful, isn’t it? But look at you… walking on the wild tile side….. LOL….. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. Wow I like that you are a rule breaker, I air on that side too!!! The tile looks great and I am so happy the project went smoothly. You would never know that your laid your tile over linoleum and that you left the toilet in place too.

    1. That was the plan Jennifer, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but I am very happy with how it turned out!

  8. Wow it looks so much better. Congrats on taking the risk!

  9. Whoa girl! Good on you tackling tiling for the first time! You picked a great tile and grout for your first time! The floors look awesome!

    1. Thanks Lindi! I was super nervous, doing the grout was worse than laying the tile. My arms still hurt, lol

  10. Ok, so funny because I read the title and literally said out loud “no, tell me you didn’t do it!” and your first sentence…. “Oh yes I did!” 🤣 It’s like you knew what my reaction would be LOL Well friend I have to tell you that it looks beautiful, you did a fantastic job. My guest bath makeover is next (maybe ORC Fall) and I’ll be tiling the floor myself and I hope it turns out just as lovely as yours.

    You are not alone about your body never being the same. You’d think that three weeks in and my body would stop screaming at me with all the unusual muscle action it’s been seeing. My knees remind me every day that I’m not 30 anymore 😂

    1. Hahaha! I knew what everyone’s first thought would be 😉 I should have used knee pads…I will know better next time. Once this challenge is done, I think we all need to go get massages!!

  11. I honestly didn’t even know that was an option. Mind BLOWING!

    1. I was afraid it wouldn’t be and that would have stopped the reno dead in it’s tracks, I am so glad I did thorough research!

  12. Oh this is so good…I love that you broke the rules and did it anyway! Looks at the gorgeous results!! Well done Susanne!!!

    1. Thank you Lidia!! I am pretty proud 🙂 I am not normally a rule breaker, but in this case it was a must do hahaha!

  13. I have that exact same tile in my bathroom and I love it. Also, you ARE a brave woman!!!! I am want to know how the tile holds up through time! Great job!

  14. We’re getting ready to do this same thing. How is the floor now that it’s been over a year? Was this a wood subfloor?

    1. Hi Tiffany! It is holding up great! No issues at all. I believe it was OSB underneath the linoleum. As long as the floor is level and you clean and dry it completely you shouldn’t have any problems. Let me know how it turns out!

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