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How to Make Summer Spaces Work for Your Lifestyle

Summer is here and it’s time to get those summer outdoor spaces cleaned up and looking fresh.

Where you live, how much time you have to maintain your space, and how you use it are key factors to take into consideration when deciding what to do with your summer outdoor spaces.

I am joining 16 of my blogging BFF’s to bring you tricks and tips and beautiful tours of outdoor spaces, be sure to check them all out at the bottom of this post!

Container Planting for Your Summer Outdoor Spaces

Last summer my hubby and I created this planter out of an old WASHTUB.  Now each year I fill it with annuals that bloom all summer long.

Container planting is a great way to add flowers to your landscape without committing to the same perennials year after year.

The containers can be moved wherever you want them so, as someone that likes to rearrange everything, this works out great for me!

Repurposed wash tub into a planter

When we first bought our home, I spent time making a flower bed in the front of the house.

I had holly bushes, flowering bushes, yellow roses and each year I would add a new perennial.  Over the years it got to be a high maintenance hot mess.

It was time to simplify.

Create Low Maintenance Flower Beds

  • To inhibit weeds from overtaking your flower beds (I am not fond of pulling weeds, who’s with me?!) put down a fabric barrier before adding mulch or rock.
  • When you work full time, you don’t always have time to plant new flowers every year.  Plant perennials and they will come back year after year.
  • Add some large rocks to your flower bed.  They take up space, add visual interest, and you will be less likely to overfill your flower bed with too many flowers.
  • Be sure to choose plants and flowers that will thrive based on the amount of sun your flower bed gets every day.

Beautiful low maintenance coneflowers

Low maintenance flower beds

  • Make sure your flower beds are easy to mow around.  Border them with stone or keep them close enough to structures or trees so they don’t get mowed over.

Yellow Day Lilies

Yellow Day Lilies

Summer Outdoor Spaces for Hanging Out

The best part about summer and summer outdoor spaces is entertaining or just hanging out.

If you do a lot of entertaining, then you need a space that will accommodate that.  Multiple seating areas and an outdoor dining area is probably on your wish list.

  • Decide how your hang out spaces will be used
  • Consider using composite deck boards for your decking.  They are low maintenance, clean up easily, don’t require sealing or staining, and you won’t be bothered by wood bees making holes all over the place.
  • Pick a table that fits the space.  Make sure to leave plenty of space for chairs to be pushed back and walked around, especially if your deck doesn’t have railing.
  • Add small tables to seating areas so you have somewhere for drinks or a book when your relaxing after a long day at work.
  • Have container planters for flowers to add color to your space.
  • Be sure not to overcrowd your space.  Keep it simple and functional and you will enjoy it all summer long.

Summer spaces for a busy lifestyle

entertaining summer spaces to fit your lifestyle

The questions to ask yourself when deciding on what to do with your summer spaces are:

  • What spaces do I want?
  • What are we going to use the spaces for?
  • How much time do I have for maintenance?


Pinterest image to pin with outdoor table and chairs with potted plants

Be honest with yourself and you will have summer spaces that you love to be in and that fit your needs.

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Happy Summer!







Summer outdoor lounging and summer outdoor entertaining spaces






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  1. Suzanne, your outdoor space is so pretty and you have given me some great ideas on how to make my space work for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That washtub is gorgeous! I have a few, but I never thought of putting those kind of legs on it. They are elegant and rustic at the same time. I love…

    1. Thank you Kim! The legs are actually from an old chiminea that we had that finally fell apart. No sense wasting them!

  3. I like how you made your spaces work to your lifestyle. I also like nothing better than sitting out on my deck in the later afternoon when its warm. Puppy sitting in the shade hoping for the first excuse to bark at something. I can imagine you sitting out there with pug writing away. Its really chilled out relaxing spot and it looks nice and private out on the huge back yard.

    1. Thanks Leanna! The pugs do like to look for any chance to bark! Rabbits, a fox, the birds, especially the neighbors, lol! I do love that no one can see me back there 🙂

  4. Wait! I want a funny colored cover for my laptop! Loving the lounge chairs.

  5. What a peaceful place you have designed for your family and the garden is lovely. I am a huge fan of the cone flower but have only had success with it in the wild. Your Wagon wheels and daffodils just really make a statement. And you know I am a fan of color. Your chairs are stunning. Do you really work out there on your laptop? I have been able to do that at the lake because we have a covered porch, but on my deck it is entirely to bright to see a screen. Keep enjoying the new space, oh and weeds? I plant ground cover, it takes over everything!!!

    1. ground cover is a great idea! I had some in last year and it overtook some of my flowers…that did not make me happy so I pulled it out. My teal chairs are my favorite thing about our deck!! I do work out there, in the morning mostly, before then sun hits the deck 😉

  6. Love all your tips!! I too love lots of flowers but hate taking care of them… and I am not too good at that anyway! Your day lilies look awesome!I love those wheels!

    1. Thank you Anika!! The older I get the less energy and time I seem to have to take care of stuff, lol!

  7. I love your yard and all the beautiful flowers you’ve filled it with. The container on those curvy legs is awesome and those wagon wheels are ahhhsome. The chaise chairs make me want to put my feet up and sip some pop with you 🙂 Your sweet puglsey pooch is adorable 🙂

  8. Hi Susanne!
    I love your outdoor patio! Now that we are out of our Big House and in our trailer and have only a small space, it’s actually freeing. I know what you mean about working full-time and trying to have a garden. They are a lot of work and I used to get really stressed if I couldn’t keep it up. I finally cheated and hired a gardener to help. 😉 It is nice just having some daylilies and other long-lived perennial flowers to maintain ~ just the right amount of gardening! It was nice being on the blog hop with you! I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

    Thanks for a lovely post and for sharing your gardens,
    Barb 🙂

    1. It’s was great fun doing this with you!! And yes, stressed is the right word, I refuse to be that way anymore 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Love your patio, Susanne! Serious heart eyes here over those turquoise chairs! And I love your tips on making your outdoor spaces work for your lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy for you and your family! I bet there will be lots of time spent here this Summer! Love your wash tub planter too!!

    1. Thanks Sam! I sure hope we get to enjoy it, it has been so hot here the past couple of weeks we have been hiding in the air conditioning, lol

  11. Susanne what a quaint little space! I love your flowers…they are all so stunning and thriving! And that table!!!! Whew! Sweet sweet space!

  12. Hey Suzanne, I need to follow your advice about being honest with how much maintenance I can handle. I always overdo it, then fight to keep up! I love your daylillies with the wagon wheels behind them! Perfect!

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