How To Makeover Your Headboard With a Drop Cloth

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How to Makeover Your Headboard Using Drop Cloth Fabric

Have you heard of the new trend in decor fabric? What is it you ask? I am talking about drop cloth folks. Yes! You read that right! If you haven’t heard of it, well then you must be living under a rock or you don’t have a Pinterest account! Drop cloth is the most trendy decor fabric going right now! And let me just tell you why…

  • It is amazingly sturdy!
  • It is easy to find (unless the DIYers in your area already know about it!)
  • It is the cheapest fabric to buy! The biggest bang for your buck!

Several years ago my hubby and I bought a brand new bedroom suite.  Dark wood, brushed nickel hardware, leather  uh hum….pleather headboard.  It was our first bedroom suite as a couple and I loved it!

After about a year the headboard on his side started cracking (insert sad face emoji).  We thought about buying a new headboard, but I was pretty certain that we would never agree on what kind to get.  I told my hubby I would just recover it myself.  He looked at me with that look.  The one that says, “Sure you will, along with all those other projects you have talked about”…do you get that look?

Four years later, yes (hanging my head in shame) four years,  I finally recovered that headboard.  I LOVE it!!  My hubby says it looks great.  It makes the bedroom look completely different!  Follow along and I will show you how I did it!


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Easy DIY project to makeover your headboard using drop cloth fabric


I purchased a 4ft by 12ft drop cloth before Christmas for just $8 (that is a whole lot of fabric!) and brushed nickel looking buttons for tufting…Yes, I went there and I am pretty proud!!

Easy remake for your headboard using drop cloth fabric

I did this project all by myself because the hubby always says my projects turn into his projects.  I had to prove to him and myself that I could do this!  I went out and got the drill and took the headboard off the frame. ALL. BY. MYSELF.

The next part was the worst!  Taking out all the staples from the old fabric…GADS!!  I got them all out  a cut finger and an hour later.

Easy makeover for your headboard using drop cloth fabric

I got out the fabric and cut it to fit the headboard, leaving enough excess to staple it around the back.

Easy makeover for your headboard using drop cloth fabric

Before starting this project, I did my research.  I found the the easiest way by far to create the tufting on this headboard was to use screws (yeah, I know this is cheating, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do).  This was the only time I involved my hubby, to ask him what size screws to use.  I used 3/4 inch drywall screws with 3/16 washers.  The washers are used to protect the fabric from winding around the screw.

Easy makeover for your headboard using drop cloth fabric

How did I figure out how to place the tufting, you ask?  Well that was quite a task.  Before I started I thought I had that all measured out.  However, as I looked at where they were going to be placed, I knew that wasn’t going to look right.  So, I had to rethink my plan.  Here is how you figure where to place your tufting, you’re welcome!  The following is for 3 rows of tufting.

Step 1

  1. measure the width and height of your headboard
  2. divide each number by 2.  (For example 48 divided by 2 = 24)
  3. measure in from the side and down from the top by the numbers you got in the second step.

This is the exact center of your headboard.  You will not place a screw in here, but mark it lightly so you know where it is.

Step 2

  1. divide the number you got in #2 for your height above by 2, measure up from the center by half that number and mark it.  (for example 24 divided by 2 = 12, half of 12 is 6)
  2. do the same thing measuring down from the center and mark it.
  3. from your center mark do the same for the width and mark it.  Then measure from that mark by the same number and mark it.  Do this in both directions.

You should now have all the tufts (4) on your middle row and the middle tufts on the top and bottom row.

Step 3

  1. measure from the tuft on the top and bottom row to the edge of your headboard, divide by 2 and mark it in both directions.
  2. this should place those tufts in the middle of the ones on the middle row and it should look like the picture below.

Easy tufted headboard makeover with drop cloth fabric

Once I had all of my tufts marked, I put the screws in, placing the washer against the fabric first.

I have to tell you I did a happy dance after the first one went in, I was so excited that it really looked like it was tufted!!

After the tufting was all done I stapled the fabric to the back of the headboard. Use as many staples as you want for your headboard, just remember you may have to take them out if you decide to change your headboard in the future.

Easy tufted headboard makeover using drop cloth fabric

Once it was all stapled, it was time to get the glue gun out and glue the buttons onto the fabric, over the screws.  The glue gun worked perfectly and the buttons are in no danger of coming off.

Tufting buttons are normally covered in fabric, but I was going for more of industrial look so I went with faux metal buttons.  I am all about industrial design and I talk about it in this post and share some awesome industrial DIY projects in this post.

Now I had to put the headboard back on the bed.  I did have help from our daughter with this part, she held it place while put all the screws back in.  Well most of them.  I have no idea where those last three go but it hasn’t fallen on us yet!

Easy tufted headboard makeover using drop cloth fabric

Easy tufted headboard makeover using drop cloth fabric

Easy tufted headboard makeover using drop cloth fabric

I am loving how this turned out!!  And I did it ALL. BY. MYSELF!!!

So what are your thoughts on using drop cloth material for decor projects?  Can you see yourself trying this?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the drop cloth projects from the rest of our talented group below!!

Until next time,


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  1. That turned out great, what a great tip for the tufting. I’m going to help my daughter with a new headboard for her and she wants tufting. This will save me so much time. And great tip about the washers, I know of what you speak because I nearly ruined my newly finished kitchen curtains when the liner spun around the screw when I was installing them.

    What a lovely change for your bedroom, and I love the pillow 🙂

    1. Thanks Toni!! I bet your daughter’s headboard will be gorgeous!! I wish I could say I made that pillow too, but sadly I didn’t 😉

  2. Super cool. And more comfortable than cast iron when you are power watching Netflix on a lazy morning.

  3. Your headboard turned out awesome. I have always wanted to try making a headboard so thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is wonderful! I, for one, love how you approached it in the way that worked best for you with a great outcome. No one should argue that you cheated 😉 Pinning & sharing!

    1. Thanks Angie!! It really is the easiest way to do it!! Now I feel like tufting all sorts of things, lol!!

  5. I love how it turned out!! The tufting looks awesome too! I have tufted a couple of things and it is always the hardest part! Love your tip!

  6. What a great DIY project!!!! I love how it turned out and that you included the directions on how to do it! Great post and thanks for sharing 🙂

    Trendy & Tidy

  7. Hi Susanne. Your makeover is terrific, so much brighter and modern then the original. I bet the cost was really reasonable as well. I recently started pinning drop cloth ideas for inspiration. I will add this one. Very very nice.

  8. Wow it looks fantastic for something that only cost 25 dollars Susanne – I love the new headboard

    1. Thank you Amber!!! I am all about saving money whenever I can!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 And thank you for hosting a great party!

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