How Not to Make a Fall Wreath

I am in full fall decorating mode here on Pearl Street.  I normally don’t start until October (I love to hang on to summer as long as possible), but this year I am joining some other amazing bloggers for a Festive Fall Home Tour hosted by Debbie Stolle at Chatham Hill on the Lake and Karen Marie Kedzuch at Dragonfly and Lilly Pads that starts September 21st, so I decided to get a jump on it this year and get my fall wreath done early.  I usually wait to the last minute to do anything, so I am pretty proud that I am almost done with my fall decorating!  Be watching for the Festive Fall Home Tour, you won’t want to miss it!!

fall home tour

Now that I have given you a teaser for the Festive Fall Home Tour, let’s get to today’s post…


Have you ever watched a tutorial and thought, “I can do that”?  I do it all the time, sometimes the project turns out just as planned, sometimes not so much.   This fall wreath project certainly didn’t go as planned, but I think it turned out pretty good in the end.  I am going to tell you about the mistake I made and hopefully save you a lot of heartache when you try to make your own fall wreath.

How Not to Make a Fall Wreath

My plan was to make a wheat stalk wreath, but of course the store I went to didn’t have enough wheat stalks so I had to get a little creative.  I wanted creams and golds and browns in this wreath and so I picked out flower bunches that would match up with my vision.  I also bought a white styrofoam wreath form to make my wreath.  I took my goodies home and deconstructed the flower bunches first.  Now don’t be shocked, deconstructing flower bunches saves a ton of money and you can read THIS POST on how I get the most for my money when buying artificial flowers.

fall wreath

My first attempt at this wreath wasn’t quite an epic fail, but almost.  I spaced out the first wheat stalks I was going to attach so I could make sure I had enough to go all the way around.  My plan was to use floral pins to attach them to the styrofoam.  Easy peasy, right?  You would have thought so…but no!  I put them on with the pins and they looked great, but when I went to add the next items to the styrofoam the wheat stalks fell out of the pins…grrrrrr!!!!

fall wreath

fall wreath

fall wreath

This was my second attempt, the first time the styrofoam wasn’t wrapped in burlap.  I thought maybe the burlap would give the pins something more to help anchor them.  It didn’t work….on to plan B. I got out the glue gun.

glue gun

Once I started using the glue gun the project went quickly and I finished it in about an hour.  Save yourself some heartache and skip the floral pins and just use a glue gun.  I started over and started placing my wheat stalks around the wreath and continued doing this with each deconstructed piece of the flower bunches until my wreath was covered.

fall wreath

I did use the floral pins to put my burlap hanger on the back and so far it is still holding.

fall wreath

I love how it turned out, live and learn.  NO floral pins!

fall wreathfall wreath

fall wreath

Are you planning on making your own fall wreath this year?  What colors will you use?  I would love to know!  Share you wreath making plans with us below in the comments

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  1. This wreath is gorgeous! I need to buy a full-size glue gun. Which do you recommend??

    1. Thanks Pam!! The one I have is an Ad-Tech, but it is a mini. I want to get a full size one too, I am going to get one at my local JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and use my weekly coupon 🙂

  2. The sign of a true DIY’er: You turned a fail into a fabulous project! I would love to make a beautiful wreath like this. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I love how your wreath turned out! I find that all great projects come from fails! Thank you so much for the tips!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wreath with us over at Waste Not Wednesday! 🙂

  4. I love that your shared your process with us, and that you didn’t give up and found something that worked. The end product is adorable!

  5. Susanne it looks great. Who cares what it was supposed to be or what the instructions say. You would not believe the strange things I do to put my crafts together… but we’re not going to talk about that. You are a blogger and you are allowed creative license! I love the wheat stalks and how they create a huge impact with the flowers. Happy Fall!

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