Shopping Online, Things I Love This Week

I did a bit of shopping online at the end of last week and my goodies arrived this week.  It’s like Christmas all over again when the UPS guy pulls into the driveway!  I am so excited about my purchases I thought I would share them with you.

This post contains affiliate links, you can read my full disclosure HERE.

I have resisted ordering some things online because I was afraid that once I got them I wouldn’t like them and I would have to hassle with sending them back.  Clothing being the main one.  However, I ordered a couple pair of jeans, a few t-shirts, and a sweater late last week.

They arrived quickly (I ordered them on Thursday and had them Tuesday) and wonder of wonders, everything fit!!  Yep, I know!  Amazing right?  Was it a fluke?  I sure hope not.  How did I manage to be so lucky?

I double and triple checked the size charts on the site and I was honest about the size I needed.  It wasn’t like I could grab the size I thought I needed (dreamed I was is more like it) and if it didn’t fit go out into the store and grab the next size.  No, I had to get it right the first time so honesty was the best policy.  Besides, no one but me and the order picker know the truth 😉

Here are the items I purchased  from Macy’s and I LOVE them!

Lucky Brand Embroidered Trim Textured Sweater  I just love the embroidered detail on this sweater and it is sooo comfy!

Levi 505 Straight-Leg Jeans.  Who doesn’t love a good pair of Levi’s?  I had been wearing Maurice’s brand jeans, but the boot cut was starting to feel too wide.  Isn’t it funny how our taste in style change?
Maison Jules Scoop-Neck T-Shirt.  This t-shirt is a dream!  The arms are a bit longer so they are great if you are self conscience about the look of your upper arms.  The material is super soft and flowy, great for disguising the mid section ;).  At $9.98 you just can’t go wrong.  They are made for Macy’s, I bought 2 so they ended up being $8.99 each…woot woot!
Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Cuffed Jeans.  I have wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans for awhile now.  They look so comfy and in this season of life, well comfort is key.  I also wanted to make sure if I didn’t want to cuff them they would still be okay and lay on my shoes the way I like.  Well I am happy to announce this pair does and I LOVE them!  Because let’s be honest…who really wears stiletto heals with blue jeans?

Online Shopping with Brandless

I also ordered from Brandless.  I am not an affiliate for Brandless, but I love what I have ordered from them so far.  So I am sharing.  The best part…almost everything is just $3.  They have recently added a few items that are $6 and $9, but the majority of what they have is just $3.  Let’s hope it stays that way..hint, hint, Brandless are you listening?
If you haven’t heard of Brandless you can read all about them and the last purchase I made HERE.  I had accumulated credits so I went shopping and ended up with everything for FREE and my credits also covered my shipping!
Shopping online gets easier and easier especially with price conscience retailers like Brandless. #brandless #facecleansers #savemoney
Grapefuit Facial Cleanser.  It smells so fresh!  It has anti oxidizing fruit extract, is sulfate free, and has no phthalates.
Grapefruit Facial Scrub.  Smells even better than the cleanser (not sure why but it does!) and boasts all of particulars as the facial cleanser.
Green Apple Facial Toner.  It is Witch Hazel astringent, has no sulfates, no phthalates, and none of these items involve animal testing.  That is a win win in my book!
The Facial Lotion was out of stock and for some reason I didn’t order the Night Cream…that is going on my next order!
Shopping online gets easier and easier especially with price conscience retailers like Brandless. #brandless #cooking #savemoney
Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder.  It comes in a recyclable glass grinder that works like a charm.
Whole Black Pepper Grinder filled with Malabar Peppercorns.  They claim it has some heat to it, but it wasn’t too bad.  I used it on pork chops just last night and we didn’t have to call the fire department, lol!
If you have never shopped with Brandless before, get $6 off your first order when you order through my REFERRAL LINK , I will get $6 when you order from that link, and they will give you your own referral link to share with all of your friends so you can earn credit for future purchases.
After this week’s experience shopping online, I am certain I will do it again….soon 😉
Happy Shopping!

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