Stress Free Holiday Planning

Who has their hand up for stress free holiday planning?  Me, Me, Me!!  The holidays should be about celebrating the reason for the season and spending time with those we hold dear.  Do you agree that that is what is really important?  I do too, that is what has prompted me to write this post.

Every year, Halloween comes and goes and I begin a slow building panic that I won’t be able to get everything ready for the upcoming holidays.  Planning and putting on two holiday dinners for twenty plus people, cleaning and decorating, shopping…ahhhhhhhhh!!!  Do you feel me?!!

stress free holiday planning



The Secrets to Having a Stress Free Holiday

The first thing to NOT do is procrastinate. I am guilty of being a huge procrastinator (yes, I am hanging my head in shame..not really, I know I am not the only one) Putting off what has to be done will only make the holidays more stressful.

Look for recipes and meal ideas ahead of the big day.  Dessert is a big part of the holidays and the recipes that my friends and put together will have you happily adding them to your menu. Check out the great holiday cookies over at the Holiday Cookie Blog Hop!   yummy holiday cookie recipes

Get the heavy duty cleaning out of the way early.  You can touch up as the big day gets closer.

Prepare food items ahead that will keep until the big day, this will free up your time the day of the big family dinner.

Enlist the help of others.  When we took over hosting the family holiday dinners, I tried to make everything myself.  It was so stressful I didn’t even eat any of the meal I had prepared.  The last time we all got together I asked everyone to bring something to the dinner.  Why didn’t I do that sooner?!!!  The day was much less stressful for me and I actually ate!!  Just do it!!  Give up a little control, it will be okay!!

stress free holiday planning

Ignore the count downs!  Count downs will freak you out and they are EVERYWHERE!!!  This lovely sign, put out today by my friend Sylvia (whom I love dearly, we are kindred spirits) at The Shoppes of East Main Street, is visible from the window where I work….EEEKKKKKK!!!  Now I will have a daily reminder of what I don’t have done.  Taking my own advice I am going to ignore the countdown, but admire the lovely artwork (insert smiley emoji).

Take time out for yourself!  The holidays are so crazy and there is so much to do that by the time the big day arrives I usually can’t wait for it to just be over.  Anybody else feel that way?  That is just SO wrong!  We should enjoy it as much as the ones we have put in so much effort to entertain.  So, take time for yourself, relax, recharge, and keep that holiday spirit.

I promised you planning sheets and I am delivering!  I have already started using them. Now, these planning sheets are designed to be used starting thirty days prior to the holiday (any holiday) so we are a little bit behind.  Luckily the first week is a breeze and can be done really quickly!!  There are four sheets in all and will get you organized through any holiday!

Stress Free Holiday Planning Worksheets

Enjoy your FREE planning sheets, I hope they make life easier!

Happy Holiday Planning,



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  1. Love these ideas – especially the no procrastinating part. 😉 I’m horrible about that, too! Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      The older I get the worse I am about putting things off until the last minute! Then I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, lol!! Not this year!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I have never thought about it, but you are right about the countdowns! They strike fear into your heart don’t they?

    Great post my friend.

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      They do Lisa!! And they can be so hard to ignore!! But I am determined to pay them no mind this year 🙂

  3. Ah to be stress free. I am a huge procrastinator so I’m going to put your tips into practice this year. Thank you for the planning sheets 🙂

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      You are very welcome Toni!! Confession…I am a huge procrastinator too!! I hope the sheets help you 🙂

  4. Okay, I can’t wait to see these printables. I’m going to need help to put mine together in a zip file- help! I made my first printables and each sheet is individual. I should have known you would have known what to do- you’re awesome!!!

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      Let me figure out how I did it and I will message you! I had to put them in a zip file because convert kit wouldn’t let me add more than one.

  5. Susanne thanks for these awesome printables! It’s not easy to keep up with all the things that need to be done for Christmas! These will sure help.

    1. skstewart1220@hotmail.com says:

      You are very welcome Marjan!! I hope they help you 🙂

  6. I agree all with you. But reminders are not easy to ignore. They’re really are everywhere!!!! And I do feel a little panic now lol. I think I’m gonna listen to all of the other of your advice. Thanks for the post Susanne 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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