Summer Outdoor Living Tour

I am so excited to join a very talented group of women to bring you the Great Outdoor Living Event: Summer.  We welcome you into our outdoor spaces in the hopes that it brings you inspiration to makeover your own outdoor living areas.

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Inspiring outdoor living spaces


I have to start off by showing you my coneflowers in the front of the house.  I added two small plants about 7 years ago.  Every year they come back bigger and prettier.  I love the pink centers and petals, they are wonderful for attracting butterflies.  There are other flowers up front, but the area hasn’t been mulched yet this year and we need a new front screen door so I am only giving you a peek at my coneflowers this time around.

Low maintenance coneflowers

I love flowers of  every shape, color and size.  It is an easy way to add color and curb appeal to your outdoor spaces.  My hubby and I made this planter out of an old washtub last year.  The legs came from an old chiminea we had that finally bit the dust, it fit on them perfectly and now each year I get to fill it with gorgeous flowers that greet me each morning when I leave and every evening when I come home.

Repurposed wash tub into a planter

In front of the shed in the back yard are my yellow day lilies.  A great friend of ours grows them (he has the most amazing garden!) and brought me these a few years ago.  They get so full and tall every year, then poof they are gone before the first snow flies.  We never cut them down, the leaves just disappear like magic.

Yellow Day Lilies

Yellow Day Lilies

Two years ago we built a room addition.  The old deck sat disconnected and lost away from the house.  This summer we finally put new composite deck boards on it and moved it up closer to the house so that we can access it easier.

All of our budget went into the decking so we had to get creative when I decided I wanted a table.  My hubby, being the wonderful man that he is, built me a table.  It took us about 2 hours on a Saturday night with a bunch of beer, and wood and stain.  We used the leftover composite decking for the top and scrap wood for the base.  It is the perfect size table for our little deck.

Custom made table from scrap wood

Simple summer outdoor living space

While we waited for the stain to dry on the table, I talked my hubby into making me those great candle holders out of the left over 4×4’s.  I can’t wait for the wind to die down out here in the country so we can burn citronella candles in them.

DIY candle holders from 4x4's

outdoor living space

I have kept the furniture on our deck to a minimum.  It suits the way we live.  I am much too busy to fuss with a lot of outdoor decor and we don’t spend a lot of time out on the deck.  Your outdoor space should function for you the way you need it too, just like any indoor space.

That wraps up my leg of the great outdoor living event.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and at all the other tours in this little get together.

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Outdoor living summer tour


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  1. I LOVE the stand used for your galvanised planter. Do you have a better picture of it so I can keep an eye out for something similar in the UK? Your wee area looks fabulous. We have had our heat wave and I don’t expect we will get any more Sun in Ireland this summer! It’s so grey and miserable. enjoy your summer sunshine and think of us sobs in Belfast sitting under electric blankets in the summer time!!

  2. I love your style!! The flowers with the wheels behind them are so pretty

  3. Love those coneflowers! They’re so pretty! The table looks great! Hooray for handy hubbies! I need to make some of those candle holders asap. 😉

    1. Yes you do Emy! They are such an easy way to add a natural textural element to a space. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Gorgeous flowers!! Especially loved the double wheels leaning against the house. So cute!

    1. Thank you Ally!! Those poor wheels are getting really rusty, it’s about time to get out the power washer and attack them!

  5. Love that you made the table and those candle holders are fantastic!! And of course, you know I HAVE to point out those fab teal chairs!! ; )

    1. We picked up those chairs from Lowe’s last year for $8 a piece!!! We should have bought more. Lately we have been all about saving money and trying to do things ourselves…well my hubby on the saving money part. Poor guy gets roped into my projects every time! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

      1. Your hubs and my hubs should get together, they could commiserate over how their wives “force” them into these projects. Ugh! (Hahaha!) $8!! That’s my kinda shopping, way to go! Happy 4th to you as well girlfriend!!

  6. Susanne you have such a green thumb you plants are beautiful. My favorite is the planter bed is the one with the wagon wheels!!! Such an unexpected little surprise to find in the garden, I love it 🙂

  7. I love your outdoor deck space the most! Flowers are so pretty, but that space is so clean looking and I am not a fan of too much going on in my outdoor space. I think that is the perfect amount of furniture and the candle holders are so perfect. I am going to ask my hubby to go ahead and make me some for our patio! The teal chairs add the perfect pop of color!

    1. Thank you so much Heather! We got those teal chairs on sale at Lowe’s last year for $8 a piece, we are kicking ourselves for not buying more! The candle holders are so easy to make and they add a great natural textural element. Thank you for stopping by, let me know how many candle holders you get 😉

  8. Adorable table and I just love the teal chairs and the candles. So sweet of your hubby to make that awesome table.

  9. Oh my goodness! The washtub planter is my favorite! Everything is so beautiful – I wish I had a green thumb!

  10. I love how bright and colorful everything is. Those coneflowers are stunning. I love the deck and the furnishings, but the flowers stole my heart.

  11. Susanne, it’s nice to see someone else who appreciates flowers as much as I do – your garden looks lovely.

    And how wonderful is your hubby – so clever! 🙂

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