How To Make a Super Simple Shower Curtain Using Drop Cloth Fabric

A few weeks back I joined my blogging buddies for a $100 room makeover challenge.  I made it in under budget and part of the reason was that I made my own shower curtain!

I needed one that was extra long because, well….because I wanted one that was extra long (that’s a good enough reason, right?).  They always seem to shrink up when you wash them and I don’t like tucking them in the tub.  Also, I had to stay under budget and I have plenty of extra drop cloths just waiting to become home decor.  The project also required only straight lines to be sewn with my sewing machine, so I knew I could manage that….well pretty straight anyway.

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Easy project to make a super simple drop cloth fabric shower curtain


I promised to have this up here on the blog a couple of weeks ago and I am super sorry it has taken so long, but life happened.  Better late than never I say!  Let me show you how I did it.

Materials Used

    • 6×9 drop cloth
    • 12 grommets
    • Ink stamp
    • Ink pad

Prepping the Drop Cloth

This first thing I did was hang the drop cloth over the shower curtain to figure out how much to cut off of the bottom, 9 feet was a little too long.  6 feet is the perfect width, it exactly matched up to my old shower curtain.  This was an exact science I tell you, lol!

Next I ironed out the fold creases.  I did not wash the drop cloth.  You can if you want to, but you will definitely have to iron the entire piece because drop cloth wrinkles when washed and the wrinkles don’t come out in the dryer.

Easy DIY drop cloth fabric shower curtain

Making the Shower Curtain

The drop cloth already had a hem on one end (SCORE!) and the sides were finished too, so all I had to do was sew the top.  I folded it over an inch, ironed it, and then pinned and sewed it.  Easy peasy

I thought about measuring to add my grommets, but then I realized why make this harder than it had to be.  So I lined up my old shower curtain just below the hem I made and marked it with black sharpie so I would know where to put the grommets.  I didn’t want to have to put the grommets through too much fabric.  I am thinking now maybe I should have reinforced it, but so far the grommets are holding and not ripping the fabric.

Easy DIY to make your own shower curtain from drop cloth fabric

Adding Grommets to the Shower Curtain

Now a real quick funny story, funny now, but not at the time.  I originally purchased larger grommets because my idea was to put the rod through the grommets like a curtain.  On the way home from the fabric store I realized that wasn’t going to work because what on earth was I going to do with the liner?  Ah the best laid plans…I took those back and used smaller ones I already had.  It saved my budget so that was a win.

I cut small slits in the fabric (you don’t have to) to make it easier for the grommet to go through.  I lined it all up with the little metal rod that comes with the grommets and took a big whack!  And…..nothing.  I tried it again….still nothing.  Man those grommets are hard little buggers to get to come together.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, holler for the hubby of course.  One bang with the hammer and each grommet attached just like it was supposed to.  Of course I didn’t get a picture of him doing it, but I had my daughter take one of me all lined up to hit that thing on the head (hence the different color nail polish)

Easy DIY to make your own shower curtain using drop cloth fabric

Easy DIY shower curtain using drop cloth fabric

A word of caution here, make sure you have the grommets on the right side of the fabric.  If not your grommets will be in backwards.  I will confess that I know this because mine are.  I was so disappointed, but there was no taking those babies out after the hubby put them in.  The good thing is that this is in our master bathroom and no one else sees it anyway.

Adding a Little Detail

Drop cloth fabric is great fabric to work with, but it is a little plain.  I decided to add flowers to the bottom of mine to give it a little detail.  I used a flower stamp and ink pad.  Again I didn’t measure it, I just eyeballed it.  They aren’t real dark, but I like the tone on tone look they have.

Easy DIY way to make your own drop cloth shower curtain

That’s all there is to it!  Super simple, cheap, DIY shower curtain from drop cloth fabric.  I have a couple of benches that I will be redoing soon and I recovered our headboard not long ago and even added tufts to it!

Easy DIY shower curtain with drop cloth fabric

Easy DIY shower curtain from drop cloth fabric

Have you done any projects using drop cloth fabric?  If not, do you think you will give it a try?  I would love to hear all about in the comments below!

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Easy DIY shower curtain using drop cloth fabricEasy DIY shower curtain made from drop cloth fabric


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