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Traditional Design Style, What You Need To Know

Traditional Design Style, What You Need To Know

You probably grew up in a home that was decorated in traditional design style and didn’t even know it.  Matching furniture, two of everything, brass and bronze accents.  Sound familiar?  Traditional design style is a nod to 18th century England and the beauty and refinement you would have found there.  It’s a wonderfully classic style that with a few updates survives to this day.

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What you need to know to decorate with traditional style


Let’s break down the elements of Traditional Style

Traditional Style Fabric

You would typically see fussy florals, stripes, or intricate patterns.  These fabrics weren’t just used for upholstery, but also used for window treatments so that everything matched.  Deep burgundies, blues, and browns made the spaces warm and inviting.  Now, if you still like these patterns, no worries.  Adding them to your space in small doses would be a great vintage touch to your traditional space.

traditional fabrics from the 1800's

Traditional fabrics today are less fussy and more modern.  Burgundies, blues and browns are still characteristic of traditional style, but to make it look more current and trendy, think azure and cobalt blue, ruby and crimson, or coffee and wheat.

Current traditional fabric

Traditional Style Furniture

Traditional style furniture was ornate with high profiles and dark woods.  Although they didn’t look comfortable, the deep seats and high backs made it easy to sit and visit with friends and family.  Today’s styles can be just as ornate (if you’re into that sort of thing) or more casual with less embellishment.  Deep seats and comfy cushions make it great for taking a nap or curling up with a good book.

Dark woods and simple fabric designs make traditional style more current for today's interiors

Traditional Style Decor Items

Traditional Style is all about symmetry and balance, everything matches and creates a space that is comfortable, warm, and inviting.  Think in “sets” of items.  Two of everything is a great rule when decorating in traditional style.  Brass and bronze decor bring character to the space when used in lighting and wall decor.



Traditional style pillows, lanterns, and mirrors

Traditional Style Architectural Elements

Traditional style has some of the most graceful and elegant architectural elements.  Crown molding and board and batten give a traditional space character.  Built in book cases make a traditional space feel cozy and inviting.

traditional design style uses built in bookcases, crown molding, coffered ceilings to bring character into a space

Today’s traditional style doesn’t have to look or feel like your parent’s home.  Using current style decor items, paint colors, and fabrics will make your traditional space a space you love to be in!  Above all, stay true to your style and only have decor you love!

Is your design style traditional?  What are your favorite traditional decor items, I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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  1. Susanne – this is a great overview of traditional style, and good ideas on how to update it, without losing the richness and comfort. I do have an influence of traditional style from my Grandmother, and it finds it’s way into my own personal style. Just yesterday I was drooling over Ralph Lauren fabric at Calico Corners. Thank you for these resources and inspiration!

  2. Great post Susanne! I guess I have a little traditional in me. But I jazz it up with hats and drums.

    1. Thank you for visiting Jessica! I look around and I have elements of traditional style in my home 🙂

  3. I don’t know why I always think of traditional as dated. But after seeing this I’m convinced it’s not!
    Thanks for sharing!

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