Valspar’s Paint Colors for 2018

By now you have all seen the paint color predictions for 2018.  Caliente Red, Blackhearth, Ultra Violet.  They are all wonderful colors, but Valspar (my favorite paint brand) has picked a handful of paint colors for 2018 because they couldn’t decide on just one.

They have a color for everyone.  Some are bold and some are more neutral.  Here are my 6 favorite paint colors from Valspar’s color collection 2018.

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Radiant Golden Ochre, not your average yellow paint color. Great for an accent wall and accessories to brighten up your home.
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First up…Radiant Golden Ochre (because yellow is my favorite color)is a rich deep yellow that really does remind me of a marigold.  The brown undertone of this color is what makes it warm and cozy and while you may not want to do a whole room in this color (it is a very bold color) a single wall or accessories is a great way to add radiant golden ochre to your home.


Grounded Charcoal Brown is a cool brownish gray that feels warm when there is a lot of light. It is a wonderful compliment to lighter gray paint colors enabling you to use it as an accent for indoor or outdoor living spaces.
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Grounded Charcoal Brown is a wonderful marriage of brown and gray.  Cool and dark, it adds warmth to a space when there is sufficient light.  This earthy color mixes well with lighter browns and neutrals and you can feel confident in adding in brighter oranges and yellows and teal blues to create a cheery space.  Aged or polished brass metal accents also play well with this color.



Cozy Warm Buff from Valspar is a griege color is a wonderful neutral paint choice for any design style. Go monochrome with your design and have lots of beiges and whites or go warmer and in pops of red to up the wow factor.
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Next on my list of favorites is Cozy Warm Buff.  As a neutral paint colors go, this is a stand out choice.  It is a greige that inspires a monochromatic decor scheme, but don’t be afraid to add pops of blue or red to satisfy the color lover in your soul.  Paired with white woodwork and creams and beiges it invites you to curl up and snuggle in front of the fire, but imagine it with Grounded Charcoal Brown (pictured above this one) on the trim and fireplace…now that would be outstanding!


Calming Icy Green marries blue and green with a hint of gray to make this paint color a stand out neutral. Pair it with blue or gray accessories to play up the color you want to see. Best used in a room with los of natural light, this color will make you feel refreshed and energized.
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Calming Icy Green marries blue and green with a hint of gray to make this paint color a stand out neutral. Pair it with blue or gray accessories to play up the color you want to see.  Light natural woods play well with this paint color and offer a great contrast to make your space fresh and relaxing and a joy to be in.


Valspar's Contented Mink Gray has a hint of a purple undertone. A great color to add accessories in beige, cream, white, gray, or light purple.
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I am a huge fan of gray paint colors.  They make the perfect neutral.  Contented Mink Gray is a bit more dramatic and commands attention as the focal point of the room.  To soften the look add in beiges and creams and medium tone woods with texture for an inviting cozy space.  Accessories in light purple will add a pop of color without seeming too harsh.


Uplifting Poppy Red, bold, dramatic paint color. use as an accent wall or add accessories in this color to liven up your space.
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Last, but certainly not least, Uplifting Poppy Red.  Like radiant golden ochre, I wouldn’t paint an entire room this color.  An accent wall or accessories would give you just the right amount of this vibrant warm color.  Pairing it with beige or faded navy blues would balance out the warmth of this color, while adding white accents will make it stand out and become more of a focal point.

There you have it, my 6 favorite colors for 2018 from Valspar.  Wether you embrace bold color or gravitate to all things neutral, Valspar’s paint colors for 2018 has a color to fit your style.  I hope this gives you ideas how to decorate with these amazing colors.



Bold color or neutral, Valspar has the color for you for 2018

Don’t know where to start when choosing paint colors for your space?  Read my Expert Tips for Adding Color to Your Space.

Neutral or bold?  Warm or cool?  Which of these colors appeals to you?  Do tell in the comments below!

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  1. Like the ochre but I don’t think I’ll be bold enough to have it on my wall, it does nlook like sunshine though.

    1. It does look like sunshine doesn’t it?! Such a happy color during this dreary winter. I have a clock this color, but I don’t think I could do an entire wall either. Thanks so much for stopping by Claire!!

  2. I love the charcoal color and the calming Icy green which shows more blue gray to me. I actually had that first yellow color or something close when I was first allowed to pick colors for my bedroom as a teenager. The carpet I picked was Kelly Green and I had a Blue and Green and Yellow Tulip bedspread. That is a happy color!! Thanks for sharing Valspar. I love that paint too!

    1. I had a similar yellow color in our living room on an accent wall years ago, then my tastes changed and so did the wall, lol!! I am considering the charcoal for the bottom cabinets in our kitchen, I want something darker that will outlast the current trends and I think this might be the one. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  3. This is a fantastic post, so helpful. I love that you showed various examples with bold trendy colours. It helped immensely to have examples to inspire.

    1. Thank you Leanna!! I hadn’t seen a lot of write ups on Vaspar’s colors so I thought I should give them a little love 😉 And not all bold colors work well for people when painted on the wall so accessories are important. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. I totally love these colors, the izy green, fantastic, and how the red wall color just goes over a corner, ingenious. Thank you for these great ideas! Will come back.

    1. I love how they painted the red too!! I am thinking about painting my kitchen island this color, I just love color!!! Thanks so much for stopping by Cecilia!!

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