Why Planning Is Key For a Renovation Project

As you may know, I am currently knee deep in a bathroom renovation.  You can follow along with the project HERE.  Our guest bathroom is the only room in the house that has not had some sort of update done to it in the 16 years we have lived here.  It was long overdue for some love and now that all the kids are grown and gone, I can finally turn my attention it’s way.  I knew what I wanted to do and had all the ideas in my head, but let me share with you why planning is key for any renovation project.  Big or small, you have to have a plan.

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Planning is key to any renovation, big or small you must have a plan when doing a room renovation

Planning helps you stick to your budget.

Knowing what is going to be needed to complete your renovation project is necessary for determining your budget.  Write down everything from paint rollers to bath towels.  Don’t leave anything off the list, you can go back and make a note if you already have it, but get it on the list.

Once your list is made get a rough idea of what everything thing will cost.  Source supplies and decor online to check out how much money you will have to spend or physically go to stores and price what you will need.

Does it line up with what you were planning on spending?  If it is more and you are okay with increasing your budget then you’re golden.  If not, you will have to either take things off your list (which no one ever wants to do) or look for less expensive options (which doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality).

Planning is key to any renovation, big or small you must have a plan when doing a room renovation.  Planning your budget helps you know what you can and can't spend on the project.

Planning helps identify potential problems.

Identifying any problems that exist with the space will help you determine how long it will take to fix so you can build that time into your timeline.  I had to patch a section of ceiling in our bathroom and it turned out that I had to replace a section of drywall instead of just doing a cosmetic retouch.

Identifying problems that exist allows you to add the necessary construction items to your budget and makes one trip to the hardware store all that is needed.  I ended up having to go back for a piece of drywall which took more time and caused extra headache.  No one has time for that.

Planning allows you time for educating yourself on how to do DIY projects.

Are you going to be doing everything yourself or will you be hiring someone?  Knowing which projects you can do and which ones should be left to a professional will save time, money, and heartache.

If you are going to DIY, knowing what projects need done gives you time to get educated on how to do them.  I had no idea how to add texture to a ceiling, so I headed to YouTube and watched several videos. I had no idea if I could lay tile over the existing linoleum, so I googled it.  Finding out how to do your projects before you start will save you time and frustration.

Planning is key to any renovation, big or small you must have a plan when doing a room renovation

Planning ensures you can get the things you want

After doing step 1 above you will have a good idea of what items you want for your space.  Now is the time to check and make sure you will be able to get them.  If you can’t order them right away, make sure there is enough quantity in stock for you to be able to purchase later.  Keep up with depleting inventory so you don’t miss out on the items you want.

When we did our laundry room a few years ago, we knew we wanted a utility sink to bathe our dogs.  The big box store had 7 in stock when we checked so we thought we had time to get it.  When we went back a couple of weeks later they were all gone.

Who knew that many people were purchasing utility sinks?!  The one I wanted had also been discontinued and we couldn’t even order it.  We had to settle for a different one.  It isn’t nearly as nice, but you live and learn.

Planning is key to any renovation, big or small you must have a plan when doing a room renovation

Planning keeps your timeline on track.

Detailed planning also means knowing when things will be shipped and arrive on site for your project, which in turn keeps your timeline on track.  If you have to wait an extra week for wallpaper to arrive it could set your timeline back.

I should have ordered wallpaper first.  Now I am waiting for the wallpaper and nothing else can be done until it arrives and is installed.  Luckily for me this bathroom renovation is small with not a lot of projects and this won’t keep me from completing it in the 6 week timeframe.

Planning is key to any renovation as you can tell from the few missteps I have had in the last couple of weeks.  I had it all in my head and thought it would flow smoothly.  Luckily for me these aren’t big missteps and I can get my room done by the deadline.

Write it down.  Make sure you make a list of every project and every item you will need for your renovation.  Make sure you are aware of any potential problems that will need to be fixed.  Check to make sure your items are available for purchase and make sure they will arrive in time.  Educate yourself on how to do any DIY projects to avoid frustration.  Doing all these things will guarantee your renovation will go more smoothly.

Happy Renovating!


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